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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A BOOtiful Party

The kid's Halloween party was a success.
Fun had by all.

My three having fun with the mummy wrap.

Don't you love the chandelier.
Every garage should have one.

As you can tell the Mummy Wrap game can be a bit messy.
My son gets ready to Pumpkin Bowl.

I wish I had been able to take more pictures of the garage as it looked, before the kids arrived.
BUT, I was up to my bloody eyeballs getting everything ready.

THERE WERE 17 of them.
They outnumbered the adults.
We survived!

It was awesome, so I was told by my children.
I will never forget, one little girl kept saying that none of it scared her.  
She wasn't scared of anything.
Then she came out of the bathroom.
That freaked her out.

The kids paraded around showing off their costumes to the parents. 

Even Mr. M. and I dressed up. 

We were Mr. and Mrs. Vampire, of course, I being the picture taker did not get one of myself.

At one point in the night I was worried because the kids had managed to whip through most of our games and there was still over an hour left in the night.  Mr. M. said relax and turned the music up.
The kids loved playing freeze dance to spooky music.
The party was a success to be talked about for the following week at school.

We asked what was their favorite part of the night.
No, really they said pumpkin bowling and the mummy wrap.
I was told I was the best Halloween party planner mom.
Let's do that again.

How about you?
Did you have a Bootiful weekend?


  1. Looks like the perfect Halloween memory. wow, so glad you didn't have that bash in your house!!

  2. You are the fun Mom now! Love that it was the talk of school. I do like the garage chandelier look!

  3. I miss having little ones around for Halloween. You are a great Mom and Dad for making some memories of a lifetime. Happy Halloween today. :)

  4. So fun Alaina! Leave it to you to come up with something awesome for halloween. I'd better not show this post to my Ella. She'll be jealous because I'm only 5% fun, har har har!

  5. You did an over-the-top amazing job! I know for certain that those kids had the best time ever! Thanks for sharing the photos of your children... especially the little one wrapped as a mummy! They are so precious! You're a good mom to create such great memories for them!!

  6. You are THE BEST mom ALaina!!! What a party! Your children will remember this all their lives my friend!!!
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my post. You always make me smile when you visit.
    Have a great weekend!
    hugs from me...


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