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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Getting Ready for the Holiday

I am joining the new WHITE party BLISSFUL WHITES WEDNESDAYS at Timewashed.

I am almost finished getting all of the trees up.
Now I get to make them special.
I love looking through my boxes to see what new ornaments or decorations I bought at the end of last years Holiday season.

Take a peak into the dinning room.
Dinner by tree light is always the best my kids will tell you.

Looking at the front door from the kitchen.
Looks like Santa had to much spiked eggnog. 

One of my favorite decorations.
A simple snowman. 

An ornament from years past I made for the kid's teachers.

The staircase decorated with new linen stockings I made last year.

Are you having fun getting out your decorations?
Each box is like opening a Christmas present, so much to decorate with and trying to figure out where to put it.

Oh, I wanted to give you an update.  
I was a good wife and did not rip up the carpeting, although I think he secretly wished I had.  
Then he wouldn't have to do the work.
We are replacing all of the carpeting in our home with pine floors, however, the wood we want is on back order and will not be in until December 20. 
 I may be crazy but I will wait until after the holidays to tear my house apart.
Anyway, who doesn't love a good cleaning, organizing and DIY project in January.

Make sure to stop by and enjoy all the wonderful whites at Timewashed.

Join the fun here each Wednesday!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. Everything looks so lovely! Love the peek through the French doors! And that entryway looks so inviting and wonderful! I would definitely wait a little longer to tear up the house!! January sounds much better. The late wood may be a blessing in disguise!!

    Thanks so much for joining in Blissful Whites Wednesday!
    Have a delightful Thanksgiving!

  2. I love your house at Christmas!

  3. Oh, everything is looking so Christmasy! :) Pretty trees. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. oh Alaina! How do you do it all? It is so pretty. I will be glad just to get a tree up and all my moving mess put away!

  5. Love the music sheet ornament! all so pretty!

  6. just beautiful, can't wait to see more!! Happy Thanksgiving, Alaina!!

  7. Beautiful! I have yet to open a box, but that is more from not being able to get to them in the crawl space than anything else. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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