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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love at Arbor House Lane

Valentine's Day.

Is more than just that.
If you didn't already know or guess.
It is Mr. M. and my wedding anniversary.



Still in love, yeah!

We are the couple in the corner at parties talking to each other.
Not because we didn't want to talk to anyone else.
But that we enjoy each other's company.
We work well together.

You see, it is also the anniversary of our home.
We moved in the year after we built it.

Yeah, that means the year we were planning our wedding, we were also planning our home.

We put everything into it.
Just like our marriage.
Each year we love our home even more.
We make slight improvements to make it more comfortable, more like us.

We were just in our twenties when we started this house.
We had mostly lived at home our whole lives.
What did we know about designing a house?


We took Arbor House Lane from this.

To this!

We did it.


We did most of the work ourselves.
Laid tile.
Electrical was my job.
Oh, and paint, lots and lots of painting.
We put in the tubing for the in floor heating together.
Wood floors installed in three different rooms.
All trim work, windows, doors, floor and ceiling.
Finished the basement.
New wood flooring in living room and study.

I can't just talk about our home.
We also are raising three great kids together.

We pretty much did it all.
We work well together!



  1. That is an awesome love story. :)

  2. Ah, what a sweet post. Happy anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I love what you've done with your house.
    and those kids. Aloha Ral

  4. Congratulations! 15 years - you should be so proud. To be in love takes a lot of giving and I consider my self super lucky be in love still. Good for you both! You make gorgeous children, too!

  5. Wonderful! I love how the 2 of you work together so well, too!

  6. Sounds like the perfect team! Your home is amazing and your kids are beautiful! To many more years standing in the corner at parties together!


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