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Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Day in the Field


I spent the day watching two of my kids play baseball.
Each of them is amusing to watch in their own way.

This is my youngest caught in the act of dancing in the field.
You may not notice, but his hat is inside out.

In this picture he is doing exactly what his coach told him to.
Get dirty.
Only he was a tad too short on his slide to first base.
BUT, he did listen to his coach!
He enjoys the game and makes you laugh.

My daughter in concentration.
She is fun to watch because she has a passion for the game.
My little girl was recruited to 11U this year.
She makes us all proud.

I caught her in the act of leading off each time the pitcher threw the ball.
She pays attention.
Watching the girls pay softball is much different than the boys.
They celebrate each other and the team.
They celebrate the game.

My oldest was around, here and there, playing with his friends.
He plays on different days.
I enjoy that he is becoming more responsible.
He is growing up.

I did get some pictures of him at bat from this weeks game.
Now that the game has kid pitching, it makes it is harder to hit the ball.
In fact they tend to not even swing in fear of getting out.
I told him to swing anyway.
You would rather get out because you tried, than for just letting the ball go by.
He enjoys the game, but I think it is time with his father he enjoys more.

Whether Mr. M. is coaching his own team or assisting the other kid's coaches.
This guy is always on the field.

This is the most important part. 

Sometimes even he gets to play ball!

So far he has only played once this year.
His time for playing will come again at the end of summer.
After the kids play.
Such a great dad!

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