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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dreamy Lighting

Romantic lighting!

Currey & Company 9008 5 Light Paramour Chandelier, Smoke Gold

We are so close to the next step towards finishing our new master bedroom.

We finished putting in the electrical boxes for the lights this week.
I of course changed my mind several times.
I tried to visualize how they would look when the room is done.
The final one we were trying to center over where we will put the bed.
Mr. M. says he does not want a light over the bed, said he does not like the one we currently have over our bed now.

I batted my eyes at him and said "what if it is a romantic crystal chandelier?"
He rolled his eyes and moved the box.

He knows I have been thinking about all of it.

The colors.
The mantel.
The floor.
The drapes.
The furniture.

All of it.

Right now I am concentrating on the lighting.
And, there are a lot of them.


Good thing I am not superstitious.
Five of them you will not see, they are in closets and the laundry room.
I may not attach a light to the fan in the middle of the room.
That leaves us with.


I do not want them to all match.
I do not want them to clash either.

I am thinking of having them all have crystals.

J10-702/3-GOLD Empire Style CHANDELIER Chandeliers, Crystal Chandelier, Crystal Chandeliers, Lighting

Different heights.

Jolie Five Light Crystal Beaded Chandelier

Different styles.

Some elegant.

Some simple.

So what do you think?
Will they all work together in one room?
It is a large room.


  1. Wow! I really like your choices! And like you, I like a variety. I think they all look terrific together. (I have so much trouble making a lot of renovation decisions!) Your garden and rooms from last post are utterly gorgeous! You're having a beautiful pink summer!

  2. I like that you're mixing it up and I love the crystal. I wish we had a chandy over our bed, but it gets so HOT up there, my hubs will never have anything except a ceiling fan. Sounds like your hubby is very accomodating. RUN with it girl!

  3. We know you have a great man. A happy wife is a happy life!

  4. I know this is an old post, but had to say I love all your light choices. I wouldn't want matching ones either, but these just seem to work together.


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