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Monday, June 3, 2013

First Roses of the Season

This is going to be the year of the roses here at Arbor House Lane.

This is the path from the driveway into the firepit area.
These bushes are just full of lovely pink fragrant roses.
I wish I had written the name down in a book, because they are so hardy and they have few thorns.

High winds and lots of rain have caused them to loose lots of petals.
I love how they look all over the garden bed.

I have a pair of iron gate ends on each side of the path.

Peonies, roses and foxglove.
A lovely combination.

Wild white roses almost completely cover the arbor at the side of the house.
Almost like a secrete garden.  
Soon this arbor will be covered in huge pink roses.

Wild white roses on the front arbor. 
During this week the arbor will be covered in tiny white roses.

Arbor view from the front door.

This is a mass of little pink fairy roses.
Next week it should be full of small pink roses.
These are my favorite rose bushes.
They require little maintenance and they can grow to be huge if you let them.
I can't wait to cut some and bring them in the house.

The arbor as it looks from the road.

This climbing rose in the corner to the garage door.
We will be building a small over the door arbor to let the roses continue to grow up.
Like the one below.

North Carolina Arbor installation.

Image here.

These would be simple to make in a weekend.

Oh, honey, whatchadoin?


  1. Wow, these pictures are just gorgeous! Love all your flowers and the added architectural details!

  2. beautiful photos, Alaina! the garden gate and all your lovely flowers are perfection!

  3. I saw that you had pinned some garage door arbors, so I knew you were up to something. I don't have any roses in my yard at all. I need to get started on some this year.


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