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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Walk Through

I finally had a few days with no rain last week.
The pathways are in.
It is now easier to walk through with out getting muddy.

This pathway goes from the back yard to the deck and patios.
I put in walkways where Mr. M. can not reach with his lawn tractor.
And he does not like to weed eat.

I still have to mulch, but that is the easy part.

Pretty pink rose bush.

Purple Phlox.

Quite a difference.

My youngest son wanted to know why mom was taking pictures of the walkway in her pj's.
So early in the morning.
I tried doing it on a sunny day, but the pictures were over exposed.

I have a love/hate relationship with them.
I love them.
They hate me.
Well, not really.
I need to plant them in better spots.
I am hoping this pretty pink one is in a happy place.

This new pathway is next to the pool.
The kids like to Hop Scotch through.

Another area Mr. M. does not like to do.
 I fixed it for him.
With pretty flowers!

This little guy is one of the pink fairy roses.
Like the ones in the front and by the deck.
Yes, he will probably grow so big I will have to move the pathway to somewhere else.
That is the fun of flower gardening.

More pink fairy roses.
I do love them so.
They tend to be less maintenance than regular roses.

Pink Cone flowers.

Pink phlox.

Multi pinks and red Sweet William.

Behind the wild growing asparagus and in front of the pine tree is where the next flower garden is going.
That hill will be transformed into a beautiful garden within the next few weeks.

This is my left over pile.
 I also bought a few trees on sale.
In the fall I will add the evergreen bushes from the pots on the deck.

Then that is it.
I swear.
No more new gardens this year.
I think.
He hopes.

This is why.

Why I love my roses.
This is a bunch of my pink fairy roses and pink climbing roses.
Love them.
They smell divine.

And you?
Why do you garden?


  1. Your roses are beautiful, and so is your garden. Love the pathway.

  2. The rock pathway made a big difference, it looks devine. All of your flowers are wonderful, such a large variety of types and colors.

  3. Beautiful! We put a stone walkway at our last house and planted thyme between the stones. It was so pretty.

  4. Your garden is just lovely. I love the new walkway. I bet you're loving the clean feet, too!


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