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Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Season of Purple

My gardens tend to go through seasons of color.
Right now it is purple.

The purple flowers are called Obedient Plant.
It comes in purple and white.
They grow all summer long and flower in late summer to early fall.
They are beautiful.

Many years ago, I remember planting just a few of these plants in my driveway entrance flower bed.

A few turned into hundreds.
I gave so many away.
They are spreaders if you let them go to seed.

I did.
Now I have them in almost every garden in my yard.

So this year I went out and bought some more.
White ones.
I am hoping they will spread as well as the purple.

The Hydrangeas are starting to change colors.
Fall is on the way.

My Autumn Clematis is in bloom too.
Tiny white sweet smelling flowers.
It is one of my favorite climbing vines, I have four of them around the gardens and I added a new one to the back deck.

My daughter's new purple sneakers.
She loves the color purple and they are just her favorite she tells me.

What color season are your flowers in?


  1. Your garden is so lovely. I really like those autumn clematis. I have never heard of them before.

  2. Oh, so pretty. Love your garden


  3. I take heart knowing you started out without those gardens and were able to create such lovely areas. We haven't gotten to our outside yet, just have what the builder put in sparsely! I love looking at your lovely flowers.

  4. I love obedient plant, but have finally been able to get rid of most of it. I love it, but it is not at all obedient, so I had to banish it from the beds it was in :)))) Your are beautiful among your hydrangeas!
    hugs from me...

  5. I saw the Obedient plant at Home Depot yesterday as I was adding plants to my garden and I remembered that it is invasive. I just love seeing your you have individual beds or is everything just free flowing? Our backyard is a fenced in square so I pretty much have everything bordering the fence. Sort of boring, but I'm layering plants by height and bloom times. I have a lot of Sedum getting ready to burst into color!


  6. Soulful garden, love the arbor and the peek--a-boo of beauty popping up and around the edges of your garden beds.

    I want to pick up your garden and set it down in my yard :)

    Happy September.



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