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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

When They Out Grow The Swing Set

Today my oldest son showed me what he can do.

My son wanted to show us what they have been doing on the swing lately.

He showed me, he has no problem going back and forth with out stopping.

Next one in training.

Her confidence is building.

I am thankful the littlest child had no interest in trying.

Later that night, I happened to look outside to find them up in a tree at least 20 feet high.
They were looking for a good spot to build a tree house.

Now I know what the kids do when they out grow the swing set.
Time for a trampoline I am thinking.


  1. with those daring children , i dont know if i would get a trampoline. yikes! just kidding. For us, besides playmobil, the trampoline was one of the best investments, time wise. they spent every waking moment on it.

  2. Oh boy, I remember those days! My son would climb so high in the tree you'd think the limbs would just bend. He never did get hurt!

  3. Love your decorating too!! I want to get my girls a trampoline. My brother and I had one...awesome exercise and energy sapping invention. Haha


  4. That would scare the yibbies out of me :)

  5. I love it! A tree fort does sound like fun.

  6. First time visiting! This is so funny and I remember these days:) My kids are grown .. but I recall them doing similar things :) The trampoline is a great idea!!


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