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Friday, March 21, 2014

Where They Get Creative

I am a creative person.
I try to encourage creativity in my children.
I believe anyone can be creative.

My kitchen table is where it all starts.

This is the center piece on the kitchen table.

There is stuck on paint, glue, marker, crayon and tape on this table.
But, I really don't care.
This is where they create.
We were lucky enough to pick up this big oak table at the side of the road.
And with three leaves to seat 10 people, I just cover it with a table cloth.

My youngest son drawing before the school bus comes.

This shabby chic secretary in the kitchen holds my pretty iron stone.
And extra crayons, markers, glue and tons of paper.

More stashes to promote creativity.

This is the cute little white cabinet that holds it.

Play dough for a rainy day.

Yep, it is hidden in this corner cabinet.
The kids have access to all they need right at the kitchen table.

Of course, I have plenty more in the basement for just such a need.

Where do your kids get creative?


  1. Looks like fun for your kids! I'm loving your charming cabinets holding ironstone and crafty things underneath.
    Happy to be a new follower,
    Mary Alice

  2. I was admiring the grain in the wood and how unusual it was, and then I saw you found it for free! We have a table space for that too. Love it!


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