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Saturday, May 24, 2014

A New French Desk

New French desk for the office.

I had been looking and looking for the perfect desk for our office.
The look has stopped.
I found it.
At my favorite place, of course, Sally!

Great bones but just needed a paint job.

Much better.
I taped off all of the white areas and spray painted the blue.
I like how spray paint gets in all of the nooks and crannies and does not cover up detail.
I did get a little on the top of the desk, oops, that can happen when you don't tape everything.

I decided to sand the top and restain it with a mahogony gel stain.
When it was dry I waxed it with a dark paste wax.
My oldest son was my furniture mover.
First we had to get the large table out of the office and replace it with the desk.
Although we have less space on top of the desk, I now have drawers to put all the little things just seem to accumulate on top.

I love all the drawers.
And those handles-perfect!

Except the one drawer on top, for some reason it did not take to the spray paint.
I have to sand it and try again.

The drawer has been painted several times and I am waiting for it to dry.
Then I can wax it.

This is my new office view from the hallway.
As comfy as that chair is, I think it may need a change.

I just love my new desk and how the colors turned out.
I think it goes well with the colors in the rug.

This cabinet at Miss Mustard Seed was my inspiration.
Don't you just love it. 
She has a way with furniture.

Eulalie's Sky Milk Paint Cabinet -

I have a cabinet almost like this in black.
 I just might have to rethink my color choice.

I am glad to have at least one project almost done.
Now I have to finish the weeding and then start mulching all the beds.
That should keep me busy for the next few weeks.

And you, have you found any treasures lately?

I am joining French Country Cottage for Feathered Nest Friday.
Courtney featured my Spring house post from last week.
Thank you to all who are visiting.


  1. It's very pretty. The curves really show off with the two tone paint job. :)

  2. That is gorgeous! Love the blue color you chose. Enjoy your mulching. I'm just getting ready to do the same thing!

  3. It came out so pretty, and I love the blue!

  4. Your desk is gorgeous! Love the lines, and the colors are so pretty :)


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