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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Back to School

Going back to school.

My son asked me if I was going to riding the bus with him to school.
In fact, he sounded excited.

No honey, I'm not going to high school.

I'm going to college.

Yep, you heard it right.


If you did not already read about it in a post I did for Susan from Must Love Junk, you can read about it here.

I am going back to get my accounting degree for work.
Mostly nights and online classes.
I only need six classes to satisfy my Board of Directors.
You see, I already have dual Business degrees, but in order to actually get the accounting degree I have to finish 30 credits.
Ten classes part time....
Hopefully I will have it done in two years and keep my sanity.

Am I crazy?
Of course a little a lot!
That too...
You see, I am also hearing impaired.
I am worried....what if I don't hear the teacher or can't understand them.
One thing about going back to school as an adult, you have more confidence and you KNOW you want to be there.

When I went back in my late twenties I had a great time at college.
My business teacher will always remember me....
I brought a horse to school.
Yep...I got an A in that class.

My kids are looking forward to seeing me do homework.
Fun for me because my first semester I get to do using my laptop.
In my pajamas if I want.

And you, any crazy ideas you have going on?


  1. I Absolutely admire anyone who chooses to go back to school or work hard to obtain a long time goal. Good for you!! Because you want it, you Will achieve it! Blessings to you ~ Cindy

  2. You are going to be fine! Keep your eye on that goal. Don't let the hearing disability stop you. I have lost 80 % in both ears and rely on hearing aids and lip reading. I couldn't possibly take a class although I did in my early thirties for two years before my hearing loss became so severe. Tell your professors that you need extra help and sit in front of the class. I may be too outspoken here...I just want all the best for you. You are a hero in my eyes! :)

    Jane xxxxx

  3. I wish the best for you, too. Tutoring, if you need it, is usually provided by the school. Your drive to succeed will propel you through your studies. Enjoy!


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