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Friday, August 15, 2014

New Lanterns

Have you ever shopped Josh and Main or do you just love it all from afar?

I was one of the; from afar.
Until I decided I was not going to let them go again.

I saw these lanterns several months ago, they came as a set.
This is the large one, I have it in my bedroom.

Now I did measure how big the large one was before I ordered.
When the large box was sitting in my living room,
I could not believe how big it really was.
About 36 inches high.

I love it.

I can just imaging it with a pumpkin and some Halloween decorations.
Or with some Christmas greens, my large gold ornaments.
The list is limit less.

I almost lost them the first time.
 I let them get away.
I searched

I never did find them again on Google.

Then to my amazement they appeared again.
Yeah, click and they were in my cart.

The smaller lantern is in my dinning room.

Just big enough for a candle or two and a small decoration.

And you, have you let seen something on Josh and Main only to let it get away?
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  1. I have the lantern you showed in your picture but would love to have the larger one too. I bought mine at Laurie Anna's Vintage Home. LOVE that place and it's just 45 minutes from my house. :) You will have so much fun with your lanterns!

    1. I came back to show you how I have mine styled right now:

  2. Oh, that is just gorgeous! LOVE the size too.

  3. They are gorgeous and I like the way you decorated them. Very pretty.

  4. Hi Alaina, love those amazing lanterns, I bought two similar ones last year from Pottery Barn. I love J and M, but when I need something, I need it. I don't like the idea of having to wait around for an "event". I'll look other places instead. Right now I need so many things for the move and it's a real bummer to find a photo of the perfect "thing" and then find out it's not available. pooh.

  5. I have such a lantern thing! And when I am decorating a model home I use them often. I have 3 vintage lanterns in my home, I wish I hand more surface space to set them about :)
    I love Joss and Maine, love looking yet have not bought yet, I should break down soon and make that purchase:)

    See you soon, and I so love the vignettes you have created here with your lanterns to love.

    I have French Iron over at my place :)



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