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Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Little White Dresser

I have been busy painting, painting, painting.  I now have one top coat on the little dresser I picked up on Thursday, now I have to let it dry and decide if I want to distress it or leave alone, and am I keeping it or selling mmmm....may have to think on that one.  I also have been getting a china cabnet ready to take to the shop Clara Louise's Painted Cottage that I work at on Monday.  Tomorrow I will tackle the yellow table, one of my least liked colors, of course I will paint it WHITE.  I did pick up the love seat and it is residing in my dinning room at the moment, that is where all things go to wait to be place, painted or sold in my house.

I have been finding so many new blogs and websites to look at with so many good ideas for decorating, creating and just dreaming about.  I am suprised to find so many links to European blogs, they definately know how to decorate with WHITE for sure.  Well I am off to add another coat of paint to a shelf.

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