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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Easter Tree

I was able to finish cleaning out my dinning room so I could post some pictures of my Easter Tree.  I made one for the shop, but I think I like mine better, more simple.  If the one at the shop does not sell I will take it with me to my fathers' house and put it on their Easter dinner table.  I resized vintage Easter postcards and made them into tags to hang from the tree.  You can see Clara hanging from the chandelier, she is our good farie who hangs around all year long.


  1. I LOVE your Easter tree! Thanks for your sweet comments on my posts! They are invaluable to me!

    I'm going white. Guess I landed at a great place here!

    Where's Wheatfield?? I live in upstate New York.

  2. Love that tree! Thanks for stopping in to say Hi at The Turner Farm. Will be exploring your blogs, looks likes there is a lot of good stuff!
    Enjoy your day


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