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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Painting, painting, painting

Those who know me well, know there is always something being painted in my home, be it furniture, accessories, branches during the holidays, buildings, arbors and fences during the summer and walls in the Spring.  Today I am putting another coat of primer on a cabinet and top coat on a table. Oh and of course my friends and family are sure to point out that it is probably white.

I do not wear jewlery or perfume, I aways have that spot of paint on me that I missed washing out. So here are my two projects of the day.


  1. Alaina, Wow you are a busy woman. I love the picture of your kitchin, you have a great look.
    To answer your question about the dropcloth slipcover the dropcloth is more of that oatmeal white color that the best way for me to describe it. But it was great to work with and this chair took 1 of the largest dropcloths. I washed the dropcloth before I put the slipcover together and also once it was finished to see how well it would hold up and it was great I didn't even need to iron it!!
    thanks so much for stopping by my blog
    Im sighed up as one of your followers now and am looking forward to seeing more of your projects

  2. Hi Alaina, I can't wait to see your project done! Like me (and we have lots in common, specially from our dolls and furniture, remember?), I love painting.
    Have a wonderful Easter!
    Love, Li

  3. Hi Alaina! Thank you for visiting my blog!!! Your garden is amazing, love it!!! And now I'm a follower!!! I wish you a happy Easter!!! Hugs from Italy!!

  4. Hi Alaina, I just started following you this morning and it was so nice to see your blog pop up in my blog roll.
    My family-room floor looked very similar to yours today. It was strewn with newspaper and paint pots.
    Would you mind if I give you a mention on my blog?

  5. Hi Alaina,
    If you love white, you should visit June at Laughing with Angels. If you don't know her, she's on my sidebar and is a joy to know, not to mention her dreamy white decorating ideas.
    Happy night! ~Tracie

  6. SO nice to meet you, Alaina! I think we have a few things in common.....white slipcovers and an obsession with painting furniture, to name a few :)
    Thanks for entering my little giveaway!


  7. And my husband thought I was the only one painting in the house. LOL



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