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Friday, July 30, 2010

Black Iron Beauties

I was visiting my local Salvation Army several months ago, but she is just plain Sally to me, I visit her almost weekly!  I happen to be checking out the furniture section, as I always do and I found these lovely outdoor iron chairs. 

The plastic fabric was absolutely horrid. 

It was the scrolls that had me.

The chairs have been waiting in the garage for inspiration. 

A deadline of 3 weeks for the flea market made me kick it into high gear.  They did not require more than one coat of paint to make them shine.

The fabric choice had me stumped until I was in the basement looking through my fabric.  I found a Ralph Lauren duvet, normally I would not have cut such a large piece of fabric up, but it really was doing me no good hiding in a box in the basement. 

I love those roses.  If I have enough left over I may make some pillows.

Well, I think they turned out great.  I almost want to keep them!

  NO......I already have enough chairs.

Those scrolls are really pretty.

Today is a double feature, I am linking to Show and Tell Friday with Cindy at My Romantic Home.


 Furniture Feature Friday at Miss Mustard Seed's Creations.

YEAH it's Friday!!!


  1. Love the chairs since you have them very spring and garden looking.

  2. Those are wonderful!! Lots of work getting ready for a sale eh?

  3. Great job on the chairs! They will go quickly. Hmmm, one wonders how many chairs are in the Arbor House?

    Your Friend,

  4. The chairs look fabulous with that fabric! Great choice.
    Hugs, Cindy s

  5. Those turned out wonderful. I've been perusing your blog and you are one talented lady! I love it.

  6. Super job on the chairs-I do love a cottage-y floral and it is perfect for the chairs. I would want to keep them, too :)
    I wish I were close enough to attend your sale-I know it will be fabulous!
    OK...So, are you absolutely sure you want to go to a J O B ????
    You are so creative--just don't let that part get hidden away.
    Smiles...enjoy your weekend. Debbie

  7. The chairs are so perfect.... the fabric is beautiful and looks so nice against the black.

    Enjoy your Weekend*

  8. They look so much better-garden-y now. Nice job.


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