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Saturday, July 31, 2010


I went home yesterday, it was a family gathering to celebrate my father's 72 birthday.

Happy Birthday POP!
 I was wandering around the yard looking at it from a different perspective. 
 This is where I grew up, this is what made me me.

  The house is over 100 years old with lots of character.

I have seen beautiful pictures of weathered wood, old barn barns. 
 I love the way they look. 

 No wonder, this was my playground.

My back yard.

This was the barn where we learned to take care of our animals, rabbits, horses and pigeons oh my.


This is where I learned what it meant to work HARD and be PROUD of your work!


These are the neighbors whom taught us what friendship meant. 
How to make ice cream and clean a chicken.

It was in here where I learned how to pound a nail, saw a piece of wood, build my own doll furniture.



These are the fields we chased after butterflies.

We learned to ride our bike on the gravel. 

Played hide and seek in the dark.

I think I was lucky! 

 I like the way I am me!


  1. We like the way you are you, too!
    What a lovely place to grow up. You are blessed you are able to return and share it with your children. I especially like the last out building.

    Your Friend,

  2. What a wonderful childhood you must have had here! Values and character were instilled in you by these surroundings and your parents. Carry your memories always!
    :-) Sue

  3. What a wonderful childhood you had! No wonder why you know how to make your home and gardens beautiful and hard work does not scare you. You remind me of Laura from little house i so wanted to be her!
    Thanks for taking us with you
    down your trip to memory lane i really loved it!
    And to think you had horses! Now I'm jealous!!
    Pamela xo

  4. Alaina, what an enchanting place to grow up. You were a lucky girl, for sure! When I dream of an old farmhouse that I wish I lived in, it looks a lot like your parents' home. It's beautiful!
    Hugs ~ Jo :)

  5. Deborah, the last building was an enclosed screened in building. The history on this property is interesting.

    Pamela, I have to rephrase that, my sister had horses, I only rode them once in a while. She had a wonderful horse Hawk that I rode and she rode the race horse friends gave us.

  6. What a gorgeous place to grow up, you sound like you had the dream childhood!

  7. What a wonderful place in which to grow up!


  8. Beautiful. I love the look of all that old wood!

  9. Congratulations with you i like these pictures.....all that old wood !!!....happy weekend Ria....

  10. My dream home indeed. I soo love this.

    Happy a happy life you've had growing up and blessed is your father!

    with love,

  11. You are so fortunate you can go home and be surrounded by such wonderful memories.


  12. What a wonderful homestead. I can see how growing up there would have been such much fun. Thanks for sharing with us.

  13. What a beautiful home, Alaina! I think you were lucky, too...and I hope your dad had the happiest of days :)
    and, after all, "there's no place like home..."
    Have a great week--painting... :)Debbie

  14. Your childhood home and your childhood seem idylic! YOU were lucky! ;-) I so enjoyed your photos!

  15. What a great post and beautiful blog. I'm glad Cozy Little House linked to it.

  16. The house and everything looks divine.You were indeed very lucky.Love all the pots on the back verandah!Fiona


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