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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I've Got My Tables Covered

Table Top Tuesday.

 I have tried in the past to pare down.  NOT VERY HARD!

 It did not work!!! 

 So when you tend to collect more than one thing like I do, you have to find spots to put them.  More often than not I have TOO much on my side tables, so much so that Mr. M. often questions where he may place his glass of water.

My table tops are usually a simple collection of silver, a white pitcher and sometimes a white platter, white linen, my floral can be either faux or real depending on the season, a picture of the family, a candle and a trinket or two.

You can see Mr. M.'s dilemma, not much room for that glass.

I like to have my collections scattered around the house and along with being clustered in cabinets.  Don't think I spend all my day dusting my collections, that is not happening.  I try to rotate my tablescapes at least once a month if not every couple of weeks, helps keep the dust off!  Fresh flowers from the gardens or a new treasure picked up from a flea market are always a good addition.

I am joining Marty from A Stroll Through Life for Table Top Tuesday.

Thank you for joining me. 

What do you have on your tables that tells a story about you?


  1. Wow- your whites are BREATHTAKING! I would love to st by the your window and get lost in a day dream!

  2. Tell Mr.M that drinking water is overrated. ;-p

    Lovely, as usual. And I am coveting that round pillow on the slip covered chair.

  3. Oh yeah, I can relate to that and I'm sure lot of other women as well... that is so funny about where does your poor husband put a glass on the table. Anyways besides not having the room for anything else it certainly looks very nice.... I guess thats all that matters. No just kidding-

    Loving all your whites!

    Have a Great Day*

  4. Alaina, it's all just gorgeous! The shells,really do add the summer feel! Love the silver and the ironstone and of course all your gorgeous white furniture!

  5. G'morn, Alaina ~ Oh, my, everything is so beautiful presented. Your decor is warm & welcoming ... I love the white but could NEVER do it here, what with my guys ... nope, NEVER!, so I will continue to enjoy all you lovely gals.

    Have a lovely week ~
    TTFN~ Marydon

  6. Your space is so relaxing. You definitely have that eye for shabby chic perfection. Happy Tuesday!

    La vie est belle,

  7. Dusting? What's that?
    Ooh I love all your beautiful soft vingettes!
    You have such lovely taste and your tabletops are gorgeous.


  8. Yes you do...and quite nicely I might add! ;) Everything looks beautiful, Alaina! LOVE your chippy urns and pitchers!
    Have a happy Tuesday!
    Hugs ~ Jo

  9. Just gorgeous. Everything. I suffer from the same thing. As we live in a tiny cottage, table top space is at a premium. I tend to load them all up!


  10. All is gorgeous, pretty whites!


  11. Oh, I so like the dropped leaf table area (how DO you spell it!)

  12. Oh your home is stunning and your vignettes are so pretty. I adore the aged urn, just gorgeous. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  13. Lovely! I just have to show this post to my husband. He thinks i clutter things up! Glad to see i'm not the only one who likes lots of stuff on tables. Looks great Alaina.

    I was showing my husband a photo in a magazine of an interior i really liked...the colours and furniture and he says yeah but you'd clutter this room right up!
    It was the new romantic homes issue of a white living room and yes it was a bit too bare for my liking...but i liked the slipcovered furniture.

    I have to say it again "I love your house!"
    Pamela xo

  14. Everything looks beautiful Alaina! I especially love your silver urn! I think it is a gift to be able to decorate a table with many objects! You have such a great eye....
    Health and happiness!

  15. We have the same attitude about our collections (more is best!) and also about the dust!

    Very pretty tabletops!


  16. Your treasures are all lovely! Knowing when to quit is always a dilemna, but it's always so fun to put it together, eh? You do a good job of it.

  17. Absolutely beautiful!!!! The white hydrangea blooms, the slipcovered chair (you know that is probably my favorite-love, love the skirt), the tabletop window greenhouse, the white linens, the mirror, the details...are perfect!
    I believe that we are happiest when surrounded by the people and "things" we love :) Debbie

  18. Your tabletops all look gorgeous. You have collected so many beautiful treasures and display them so well.

  19. You have an eye for the whites; that's for sure!

    I have to make dinner now; I've just been enjoying your blog throughout my day!

    Thanks for all the inspiration! See you tomorrow. wink-wink.


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