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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Not Doing What I Am Supposed To

WARNING:  If you are NOT into Halloween you may want to take a pass!

You see, I was supposed to be cleaning the house, doing laundry, and getting a start on dinner.

 BUT, I wasn't doing that. 

I was having fun creating a SPOOKY house for my guests.
  I ONLY have one week and it is coming faster than I expected.

I had printed toe tags from Adventures in Renovating a Brookstone Limestone and I finally figured out what to do with them. 

Those crows are just running amok in my home!

For goodness sake DON"T step on the mice.

Once I got started creating I couldn't stop. 
 So, why fight it, I filled the kitchen with all my Halloween crafting treasures and that is what I did all day yesterday.

My favorite is to put my little skeletons into good use.

These are the kinds of decorations I like making for Halloween.
I use most of what I already have in my home and enhance with a little creativity. 
 The cloche and ironstone plate I had and the skeletons were from the Dollar store, sheet moss from Michael's and dirt from the back yard.

It is all the little details that my guests love to wander around and look at.

Sometimes all it takes is a spider, a little glue blood and a bone or two.

SO, what are YOU creating to make your home more SPOOKY?

I was going to join The CSI Project for my Halloween creations but I was too LATE!

However, this is a fun Halloween link filled with bloggers into Halloween just like me so you really should stop by.
  I have already visited a few and boy do they have great ideas. 

Come on don't be afraid they are only a little



  1. Can something be scarey and gruesome, but at the same time CUTE?! Great ideas for next year!

  2. I like the crows one. Slightly perverse but in a good way. lol

  3. the ever growing mess in my house is terrifying enough.

    Looks great Alaina! The best part is all the icky boring housework you blew off.

  4. I would much rather blow off, stuff around here and have fun doing it....the skeleton looking in at his partner hit my funny bone. :)

  5. Hi,
    I love all of your fabulous decorations, they are just wonderful!! Your house looks great, your Halloween guests are going to love it!
    Have a great night!

  6. Your home is the one my Sam would definitely want to visit Halloween night!!
    Love visiting so spooky!!
    Pamela xo

  7. Liking your crow, fairly freaked out by your mini-skeletons. I'm not looking at those if I come over.


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