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Friday, November 12, 2010

I Found A WHITE Shop!

Oh, girls if we were talking you would hear the excitement in my voice.

I went shopping!!!!


  I found a shop just for ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Flower Barn
7716 Rochester Road
Gasport, NY 14067
It is located only minutes from the Lockport Country Club.

White, white and lots more of white.

I picked up my little guy from school and my original intention was to go antiquing and look for a desk for him and a new chandelier for me.  We hit a few Salvation Armys and I got lucky on the desk for him.  Then with the help of extra snacks that I packed for him, I was able to talk him into going to ONE MORE SHOP.

A friend had mentioned that I should stop in this shop because, knowing I love white I will like the shop.

Like it, no, more like I LOVE IT!

When you first drive up the first thing you notice is that the shop in located at the front of an old barn.
 Then you see all the wonderful decorations outside, an vintage buggy, dried floral, white bows, an old bench holding this beautiful OPEN sign and so much more.  I am trying to remember how it all looked because I know my words are not doing it justice.  Of course I did not have my camera with me, but I had an impatient 4 year old. 
Come on mom let's go inside. 

Now inside was even more amazing!
 The details are what make it a shop that you want to stay all day just taking your time looking at EVERYTHING!

I handed my son my purse so he could dig for gum or mints and it would keep him occupied for a few minutes while I looked.  The smell of the candle burning in the shop was so wonderful I bought one for myself and it is filling my home up with the scent of pumpkin vanilla as I type this post. 

Just to list a sampling of what you can find in this shop, beautiful hand crafted jewelry, Swan Creek Soy Candles, custom hand painted signs like you have never seen anywhere and the gentleman also makes one of a kind cabinets and furniture.  Hand painted floor clothes, WHITE and more white china, platters, plates and pitchers.  Homemade jellies and jams.  An array of beautiful things that I always love to be white, frames, mirrors, tables and chairs, lamps and linens.  Oh, and I can't forget the burlap pillows and she even has stenciled burlap drapes.  Flowers, I can't forget to tell you about flowers.  Not only is there a shop but Beth the owner is a florist and she makes the most amazing floral designs both fresh and dried.  As you can tell I am very excited to have found this new shop and I am only telling you about what I CAN remember, a 4 year old can only stand so much time in a shop like this.  Mom where are the TOYS?

Have I peaked your interest? 

Well, there is more!
I am going next week to take pictures to share with all of you.
This time I am going by MYSELF so I can take a better look.
 Seeing as I am my own best Christmas gift shopper I want to make sure I get a few things under the tree that I love. 
I have already informed Mr. M. that he can shop there from now on for all of my gifts, birthday, anniversary, Christmas and those JUST BECAUSE I LOVE YOU moments.

Here is what I bought today.

I found an adorable Christmas decoration.

Did you notice the cute bag and the black ribbon.
 I am an attention to detail person and this just speaks to me in volumes. 
Being a former shop owner I am picky about what I bring into my home and I have not found a shop that is so me, UNTIL NOW! 

Happy dance everyone!


  1. I can hear the giddiness in your voice! Sounds like a wonderful place. And that shoe/tree is gorgeous. I love bottle brush trees. And shoes. So just about perfect.

  2. I'm so happy that you found your "happy place!"
    Don't you just love it when this happens.
    I love the little shoe holding the bottle brush tree, so sweet.


  3. As my best friend Liz say- girl we can hear the angles singing when you enter that shop. It sounds so wonderful and I can not wait until you share more pictures with us.
    The shoe - is to die for..and I am like you- the attention to details means so much to me. It means that the shopkeeper finds us as important as we find them.

  4. Oooohhh, I want to come too, it sounds perfect!!!
    big hugs,

  5. I'm very excited about this! We are looking to move and we were on line looking at a house in Kendall. I noticed that Lockport is not too far. Is that correct???

    I can't believe there is something available like this in this small town. I've never been there. Just guessing!


    Is it near Amherst or Buffalo? I'll be there next week! I'll google them and see what I find!! Thanks! Doing a little happy dance with you!!!


  6. I noticed all right. And I noticed that black lid. I like it alot.

    I am dying for pictures. Do we really have to wait that long?

  7. You'll be doing the happy dance all weekend ~ good for you!!

  8. So gorgeous, looks like wonderful place:)))
    Have a beautiful weekend, hugs Biljana

  9. Alaina,

    Good for you! I love discovering shops that feel like home. Now you have a place to get MY Christmas gift! hehehe

    Your Friend,

  10. I know how excited I would be to find a store like this one. Thank you for taking pictures so we could experience it, too.

  11. You lucky girl, Alaina!! I love it when I find a new shop that I just LOVE... that hasn't happened in a while.
    That little baby shoe Christmas ornament is just adorable... love it!!

  12. Oh man! That would be sooo fun! I can't wait to see the pictures!


  13. I just found your log and have really enjoyed reading through it! I'm in VA but all my relatives are from Gasport/Lockport and Middleport! Small world! My father was born and raised there.....


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