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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dinning Room Whites

I'm late with my White Wednesday post, but better late than never.
I had to make a stop at my favorite shop and get a new candle and work on my wish list for Santa!

I am joining Kathleen from Faded Charm for White Wednesday.

I may have all my Christmas trees up, but the house is definitely not finished being decorated. 
You see, I have this problem, and I found out I am not the ONLY one, I can not leave a clean room alone.
I try, so hard, I do, ask  Mr. M., the day after a party when the house is at it's cleanest I have to go and start a project.  I am going to blame my parents and grandparents for passing on the craftiness gene to me.

Anyway, I finally finished most some of the dinning room.

Welcome to my dinning room!

I am just loving the silver at white that I have been using more in this room.

Just because there isn't a fireplace in here, doesn't mean I can't have a mantel!

This great cabinet is spending the winter in the house instead of the shed. 
It may just stay too!

This pine cabinet is one of the first pieces of furniture I bought when we built the house.
I love looking in this room from the kitchen with the tree lit at night.

There is one of the stockings I have been working on.
See, I just can't help myself, always working on one project or another.

Thank you for stopping by to visit my dinning room.
Now I have to work on the kitchen. 

Make sure to visit all the other white loving bloggers for White Wednesday at Faded Charm.

I hope your holiday decorations bring you joy when you see them.


  1. OmG what kind of secrets have you been hiding from us eh?

    "Oh let's see I am just gonna drag that drop dead gorgeous, enormous, awesome , fabulous cabinet inside for the winter"

    Oh and then fill it up too...yah just like it's been there forever....what the H E Double Hockey sticks else do you have hiding???

    Oh, and because I am not a real candle person, (because I am afraid of my house burning down), your nubby little candles are the cutest things ever...Kinda reminds me of jane austen or Scrooge..when they walk around with drippy little candles.

    Oh, I aint never seen that ginormous, huge awesome jug bowl are a tricky one aren't you?

  2. Looking through those doors, I see such a cozy home with love inside.

  3. Love it all! I can't seem to stop either....just when I get one project done then-BAM-I get another idea and out it all comes (onto the kitchen table). Ahh to have a studio....

    Love all your white and sparkles! So pretty!


  4. It is all so pretty. I love your french doors and the rustic walls.

  5. It was a pleasure to view this post! Lovely Alaina just lovely!
    Pamela xo

  6. Very, very pretty. I love your pine cabinet! And all of your white dishes on the shelves and walls are beautiful. Oh yes, the tree! Gorgeous!!


  7. I just love the white shed cabinet, it should never leave the house. It is a perfectly imperfect statement piece full of aged history that you cannot make look old it just happens along the way!

    If you tire of it I will take it off your hand :)
    I not kidding :)

    It all looks so beautiful, and so worth showing off :)

    Joyeux noel

  8. Well looking at YOUR decorations is bringing me plenty of joy this season, Alaina! I selfishly wish you had more time for a post like this at least once a week, and then I would look at it all week until the next one. You have such big beautiful rooms with so much character. It's everything I love. The colors, the objects, and you have arranged everything so wonderfully. Thanks so much for the peek! Jacqueline

  9. I am in love with those plates on the wall. Why cant i ever find those?*pout*

  10. Everything looks so beautiful!

  11. I love your diningroom! Everything looks so white and beautiful! I love your big china cabinet.I love all the decor you have on top.


  12. Sigh...

    just dreamy ~ magazine ready for sure!!

  13. Your dining room is GORGEOUS!!!! Love it all....that white cabinet is so dreamy!

  14. Everything is so beautiful!!!! I love it all!!!


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