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Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Special Gift

Happy Friday!

The count down is getting into the single digits and the school parties start tomorrow.
  I have been busy going back to work and trying to keep my home in order while getting the house finished for the holiday. 
I am hoping to join in on one of the many Christmas house tours I have been seeing lately,
 but that will have to wait until after the weekend.
Until then, I thought I would share some of what I have finished.

I have never been the type to just buy a "Best Teacher" mugs.
  I try to involve my children and show them that a gift is more meaningful when you put thought and effort into it.
This week the kids and I worked on Teacher gifts.

I try to package it up nice and pretty, details....details.

A poinsettia pen.

A slight variation of my vintage book page ornaments.

A special tag made from copies of vintage Christmas post cards.
They are tied on with ribbon and have a note on the back from my child.

I am hoping that the teachers feel special when the children hand out the packages with a wish of
Merry Christmas!

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Vintage Christmas.


Cindy from My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday.

How about you, are you getting crafty?

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for stopping by.


  1. no no, no no parties, no single digits, no none of it. It's 4th of July. Deal with it.

  2. My son's party is tomorrow also. This is a great idea. I don't do the typical teacher gifts, but mine aren't this cool!

  3. Well here I am, once again, about to tell you what an excellent mother you are! You take the time to teach your children things. Wonderful things that will serve them all of their lives. I see so many mothers out in public who can't get off their cell phones long enough to tend to their children or make sure they don't get run over. I'm so glad we didn't have cell phones back in my mothering young children days! These gifts are simply delightful! They will be greatly appreciated for their effort.

  4. Lovely Alaina!! Teachers gifts have finally come along way! No more crappy coffee mugs or cheap body lotion!
    Love the gift tags!

  5. So wonderful! I used to be a room mother years ago and would go in and do craft time with the kids making a gift for their teacher!

  6. Alaina, I just love how you spoil all those teachers. I bet they fight over who gets your kids each year!! Wonderful ideas, LOVE that pointsettia pen!

  7. Wonderful teacher gifts! Merry Christma!

  8. Alaina,

    I volunteer to teach your children next year -- at least till Christmas! hehehe
    Those gifts are beautiful.

    Your Friend,


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