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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vintage Friday Christmas Inspirations

Happy Friday!
Vintage Inspiration Friday that is, with Debra at Common Ground.

I wanted to live in an old house.
He wanted new.
We compromised.
I think we both won.

When building our home, we wanted it to look and feel like it had been around for a long time.
Vintage shall we say.

Some of the many trees of Arbor House Lane light up the house on a snowy night.

I think we did a good job.
Would you guess this house is only 12 years old?

Inspiration can come from many different places.

It is a very good day in my home, my children are excited as if it were Christmas day.

The table set.
Is there a dinner party today?

No, Mr. M. is coming home after being gone all week.

That is a celebration!

I hope you enjoyed my inspiration. 
 Make sure to stop by and visit Debra at Common Ground and become inspired and Cindy from My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday.

Who says you have to stop at just ONE tree!

Have a wonderful weekend and may your love ones be near!


  1. What an outstanding job you did on making your dream house appear as if it has always been there. And all the trees... magical!

    Christmas Blessings... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Your house does have that vintage look...the best of both worlds...modern plumbing and wiring with a vintage look!! Everything looks so beautifully festive in your dining room! Have fun!!

  3. Good job, it does have that vintage look, sounds like our husbands are a lot a like! That would be as close to a older home as I could get, to make it appear to be old... and I think that would be great too. He always says their's too much work that goes with having an older home!
    Love your dinning room and all of the beautiful Christmas decor, it's just gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing... Blessings~~ Daphne

  4. I love your dining room it is so sweet!!!
    Enjoy your celebration!!!


  5. I love the look of your home, including the lovely dining area... very inspiring.

  6. Wonderfully Cozy....your neighbors must love seeing your home all lit up in the windows? Absolutely think your chandelier w/the garland and crystals hanging are to die for....LOVE IT!

  7. When I saw the picture of your dining room, I said Ah-h-h. It;s all so love and you have created a beautiful home! I have just become a friend/follower. Please stop by for a visit.

  8. I love your beautiful house with so many windows for natural light to come through, a real dream home.

  9. Alaina,

    I think you have the best of both world's -- vintage charm with all the modern upgrades. I went back and read all your Christmas decorating posts and everything looks beautiful. I will be finishing my decorating today and will share it. Thank you for your kind words and your friendship.


  10. ...I sooo miss our 1820 year old home! Don't get me wrong, new build is okay, as in there is nothing ever to fix ~ LOL!!!
    BUT, there is just something about the history of an old home and how the walls have many stories to tell...
    Your home is simply ~ gorgeous!!
    xo, Rosemary

  11. It is wonderful, Alaina. I am always in awe of your talent. You guys were sooooo smart, this old house of ours will take get every penny out of us that a new one would have, and it will always need something.

  12. What an amazing home...I love all the windows and the trees are so fun. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  13. You know that I adore your home!!! And that gorgeous dining room setting is just heavenly! PERFECT! I'm always so glad to see you join the party,
    lots of love,

  14. Your home is stunning and it does look like it has been there for years and that dining room - to.die.for! Thank you for sharing you haven and have a Merry Christmas!

  15. Looks just lovely and festive...And very cozy! A place to hang out. Terry

  16. I hope you see this in time? I found this on eBay & thought of you & you beautiful's a glittery house that looks similar to yours!!

  17. I'm the one who keeps driving by at night trying to get a sneek peek in your windows!!!!
    Lovely! Your home should be on a holiday house tour!!!!

  18. Your house is beautiful and your dining room looks gorgeous all decorated for the Mr's homecoming! TFS!

  19. What a wonderful house! I love the walls in the dinning room! How did you do them, please share! I getting ready to do a whole house paint makeover and don't know what I want to do for sure!

  20. Your house is beautiful and very vintage looking. You are a very talented decorater. I love visiting your blog.
    Hugs, cindy

  21. your house definitely looks antique/vintage....I have always loved it, inside and out !! Merry Christmas !!


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