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Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Someone shook my snow globe and I am sitting in a

Winter Wonderland!

This is one of my favorite trees.
This tree sits on our back deck just outside the french doors that lead from the kitchen.  I light it in the morning for a few hours and then again at night.  With all of that snow it makes the tree look not so fake.

We are having a small snow storm today, just enough snow to make me want to stay home and decorate but not enough that the kids have to have a snow day.  So I know the kids just can't wait to get home so they can go and play in the snow and then come in to enjoy hot coco and marshmallows.

During the holiday season after homework is done we watch a different Christmas movie, tonight we are watching Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer.

How about you? 
What is your favorite Christmas movie?
Mine is White Christmas!


  1. Our family favorite of all time is: It's a wonderful life.
    We have a whole list of movies and my husband is being a bad boy by watching them all too soon...he watched 2 last night!

    I will give you some more.

    The family Stone.
    While you were sleeping.
    The bells of St. Mary's

    We have a huge list...The family Stone cracks me up everytime!

    Glad to see the East coast finally got some snow, cuz us westerners beat you guys to it this year.

  2. Oh what a pretty sight. Looks like a true winter wonderland. Hugs, Marty

  3. My favourite is The Bishops Wife and i watched it last night. We also love Christmas with the Kranks and all the other old classics.

    Can you spare some snow? I was complaining to everyone back home and the response was ask Buffalo they have alot to spare!
    Your photo is GORGEOUS love it Alaina!!!

  4. No photo shop needed, I just opened up the back door and the door became fogged up and I took the picture from inside with the door like that, I like the way it turned out too.

  5. The tree looks beautiful! I can imagine it at night. You have a great tradition, watching a Christmas movie everyday, there are SO many good ones. I have really been enjoying the ones that are made for TV, but I think my all time favorite is The Holiday! I am a hopeless romantic!

    Have a good week and have fun decorating!


  6. hey Alaina,
    I am getting the hang of this blog out!

  7. Hello
    You sure couldn't tell that tree was fake with all the frosting on it. It looks great out there and nice to enjoy!

  8. I did not notice at first that the tree was artificial! It looks lovely with the snow on it.
    My favorite Christmas movie is Holiday Inn, and White Christmas and Elf and Santa Clause the Movie...o.k....and The Holiday! I love them all! I even love the old ones...Santa Clause is Coming to Town, and Rhudolph the Red Nose Raindeer! I guess I am a kid at heart.
    I have very fond memories of coming home from school and playing in the much fun!

  9. Such pretty snow-and at first glance I thought the tree was a real one. It's a Wonderful life is one of my favorite holiday movies!

  10. LOVE, Love LOvE the trees! Love the top hat!!
    They make me smile. Great job!!

  11. That tree looks beautiful with the snow, I'd have never guessed it to be artificial!

    Very pretty, love your blog!


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