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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall Gardens

Flowers from Arbor House Lane Gardens

I just love the colors in this flower arrangement.

This time of year I try to bring in as many of the blooms as I can before frost.

I love how the roses have this last bloom time in early fall.

This is what we see out the kitchen window. 
I just love the colors of the roses and hydrangeas.

You may remember that I planted a new flower bed this past Spring.
We had and intruder!
All summer a HUGE pumpkin vine grew, it almost took over the whole flower bed

This is some of the plants from the Spring garden I planted. 
They are happy plants and I should be rewarded next year with lots of flowers.

This is a new flower garden Mr. M. and I planted last weekend.

We moved two snowball bushes from another flower bed where they were starting to outgrow their home.
I filled in with some bushes and plants left from the Spring flower bed.
Next year the bushes will be full of white snowballs.

White Clematis on the Arbor.

Fall clematis is one of my favorite flowers. 
They grow very tall, bloom in late summer to early fall and have tiny white flowers.
The best part is that they smell amazing.
This clematis is covering my wild rose bush.

This white Rose of Sharon blooms and re-blooms throughout August and September.
A great thing about this bush is that it produces LOTS of babies.
I will transplant a few babies to make a beautiful hedge row next year.
I am always thinking where my next flower bed will be.

Speaking of planting, there is a car load of mums that need my attention. 
I have lots of work to get ready for my fall decorating.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you are all having a wonderful week.


  1. oooo....I gots to get me a white rose of's on my list. I have several pink ones, but I'm a white flower fanatic. That's nice that you still have roses blooming. Mine have been overshadowed by my butterfly bush, which I'm going to move SOON.

  2. You have to know I LOVE this post Alaina! Your garden is gorgeous!!! I just love the blooms on your Sweet Autumn clematis. I really do love how the roses put on their last hurray in the Fall.
    Your rose of sharon is so pretty. I sure wish they would grow here.
    I can't wait to see your new beds all filled in next year.
    sending hugs...

  3. Your home must be FULL of flowers with such wonderful gardens! I suspect the skeletons will be sporting boutineers and bouquets!

  4. Great fall garden. When we redo our garden next year I really have to add a fall clematis.

    Love your little green cabinet in the previous post too.


  5. Wow, your garden is tiny little city cottage backyard barely has any room for the kids to play in! lol So when I see such lovely beauties like yours, I just adore them!!! Hopefully next spring we can plant a few things. ;) Happy Fall!


  6. Your fall garden is lush and so stunning. I love the arrangements of hydrangeas and roses brought in from the garden and put in your ironstone pitcher. Beautiful.
    My garden is really done and I am putting it to bed. Seems like your garden is still going strong and producing beauty!
    What a lovely stop! So nice to meet you today.

  7. i have to plant stuff on the south side of my house. it receives HOT sun all summer. You have just given me the ideas I need to go fill up the whole length of the house, alaina.

    does the snowball mind hot sun?

    melissa. blogger will not let me sign in as me...dang!
    oh and I am semi back at it. i replaced all the stain glass that was broken in the side door! what a difference! and I put mulch in the gardens.

  8. I am jealous--my garden is totally dying out--yours looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


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