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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Teacher Gifts

The kids and I made gifts for their teachers this past weekend.

I had seen some like this on Pinterest.

They are really simple to make.
We used little bottle brush trees, glass jars, little beads, ribbon, glitter, spray glue and some fake snow.

Each teacher will get a gift made especially for them.
Each box includes a snow globe, poinsettia pen and a picture frame ornament.

The kids had fun helping me make them and they get so excited when they give them to their teachers.

I have been making these pens since my oldest son first went to school. 

I decided to make myself one too, mine has a little snow man that won't melt.

I am joining The Girl Creative for Something I Whipped up Monday.


  1. How adorable and thoughtful! The teachers are going to be so pleased! The pen is fabulous!!


  2. Where do you find those bottle brush trees? It is always nice to have those mums thinking of the teacher.............they are adorable.

  3. I wish we'd had Pinterest when my kids were young and we were searching for teacher presents. Heck, we didn't even have the internet then!

  4. These are so cute Alaina!!!! I think your children's teachers must look forward to your kids being in their class.
    sending hugs...


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