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Saturday, June 16, 2012

BLUE.....Yes I Said Blue

I actually bought blue.


Even I can't believe it.
I thought that blue was just not my color.
Especially after I tried using it so many times.
I guess I can take it in little doses.

I went shopping at TJMaxx looking for some color to bring into our 1/2 bathroom.
I found blue and lots of it that day.

Come in and look at the changes I have made.

A beautiful BLUE transferware plate found at a local thrift shop.

I replaced a picture with a vintage white mirror from my bedroom.
 Blue and green hydrangeas and some sea shells with a little blue.

A beautiful beach oil reproduction.
I just kept coming back to this picture.
It was the final decision to go with the blue.
The rest just fell into place.

A new blue pot. 

A partial view from the mirror above the sink.

Surprisingly I think the blue is here to stay, at least for the summer.
The good thing about all of my choices,
 I can take them down and change them out for a different color.

Yesterday I found some beautiful towels with brown rosettes, the dinning room perhaps.

So have you been brave and tried a color outside your comfort zone?

Did you watch the WALK?
We just finished watching Nik Wallenda walk across Niagara Falls.
Although we live close enough to see it in person, we watched from the comfort of our living room.
Amazing what a person can do if they set there mind to it.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. I feel the same way about blue that you do! I do like the touches of blue that you have added, though. The transferware is gorgeous.
    Beautiful end result!

  2. Blue caught me lately too. Especially the pale and faded blues. Love that transfrerware. That dreamy beach scene too.

  3. Your blues are pretty! I am into creams for some reason! The accessories in my guest bathroom is blue.

  4. The touches of blue are very pretty (and my favourite colour too.)

  5. Yes, I watched the walk!!!! Loved it. I was actually feeling a little nauseous when he started walking over the edge of the falls. I can remember standing right next to the edge and feeling the same way last year. Speaking of your bathroom, I love that touch of blue. Just a little here and there.

  6. Love that Cape beach painting and not really seeing the blue, all the blue just fades into the beauty of your whites just beautifully.

    It's a perfect rhyme, poetry to your spaces.
    sweet friend I am having a..............

    Soulful GiveAway !!..........

    Come enter, I know you will be inspired.


  7. I LOVE your pops of color, Alaina!!! Just beautiful!!! Wishing you a wonderful Father's Day with your family!


  8. I watched Nick Welenda too, and I thought of you the whole time wondering if you guys were in that crowd. Also you choice of blue and the transferware plate or wonderful! Way to go! The picture was also a really good choice, you can't go wrong with ocean pictures.


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