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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Office Love it.....Hate it

I haven't shown pictures of the office yet, because, well the title says it all.

I am loving the new floors, but the room just wasn't happy.

Flirty legs and some Spring color.

My view into the study from the living room.
Maybe it is the white or maybe the slipcover ruffles but I love the view now.

The new corner cabinet I bought over the summer.
Great bargains that day.
Both my sister and I drove away with a cabinet. 
 We would have bought more but we had no more room in the truck!
It did not have a back and was in need of a paint job.

My favorite pin board, love the chippy frame and vintage fabric.

We moved furniture until it was right.

And moved.
Yep, moved again!

My poor son has helped me move a table in the living room twice.
Move a table from the basement to the office. 
Back down into the basement to the exact spot it came from.
My sister will read this and laugh because I used to ask her to do that.
She knew to screen calls and was hesitant to answer if I said "what ya doing?"
That was before my son had muscles.

We moved the couch from the office to the kitchen.
The chair from the kitchen to the office.

I think I am almost done moving furniture.

I had to keep trying, I was hating the layout.
I just can not sit at the computer with my back to the door, I feel exposed.
Part Feng shui, part not being able to hear anyone behind me.

I think I have the room where I am comfortable.
Now if only I could get rid of all the cords.
I have a feeling Mr. M. the computer guy can help me with that.

Now it is time to hang the shelves and fluff the room.

I had been searching for a rug for under the office chair with no luck.
Until Mr. M. and I were out shopping over the weekend.
I really love all the color and it would look great against all the white.
Until I went on line to locate it and just as I was about to order, I looked around the office., more like black and white.
Change of plans.
More rug searching.
Then I found it.

Vintage Document Bamboo Mat

The rug above is on order from Lucketts.
And while I was at it I added some of Miss Mustard Seed's Ironstone milk paint.

Although I may still get the orginal carpet for the living room, Spring is on it's way you know.

So, what do you think so far?


  1. You sound so much like me, I am moving furniture all the time and then move it back. No one wants to help, they think I'll give up my obsession if I have to do it alone! The floors look fabulous and I'm glad you found the rug you liked. I did that picking out chairs, started with one idea and then totally turned the tables.

    Can't wait to see more!


  2. I like your last rug choice. It will look great with the new floor.

  3. I do love moving furniture! And so does Chickie. And the cats always have to come and watch because they find it fascinating.

  4. I can so relate! Sometimes it takes a lot of playing around to get a space just right! I love the pieces that I could see, and the new rug :)

  5. FREAKING OUT FOR THE LITTLE FLORAL PILLOW! Gah! Alaina, I am soooo far behind on my blogs. I hope you've been well?!?


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