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Friday, May 24, 2013

Butterflies on the Wall

I have almost finished getting my daughter's room done.
Yesterday while my boys were playing and my daughter was at her baseball game.

I glued 150 butterflies on her wall.
Yep, I did!

I surprised my daughter by having these on the wall before she got home.
I think it turned out kind of neat.
It almost looks like art.
The multiple of colors works with the rug and the chair.

The first night we put up her pink chandelier she did not want us to turn the lights off.

The finished chair.
It is a favorite for reading.
She likes to curl up with her cat and a good book.

Double welt piping.
It was not as hard as I thought it would be.
I love how the color choices turned out.
I am glad I did not worry about too much color.

This is the room at night as we are trying to figure out furniture placement.
I can't hang pictures or shelves until we figure out where everything will go.

Aren't these framed prints awesome!
I found them at HomeGoods of course.
The pink and purple frames are from TJMaxx.
Two of my favorite stores.

Next week I will reveal a great steal I got for the deck from World Market.
Soon to be my favorite on line shop.

Even though it is not supposed to be as warm as it was all week, I am hoping to finish up some gardening.
Fit in a trip to an annual flea market with my sister.
Maybe a date night with Mr. M.
Due to baseball and having to work all week, we haven't seen much of each other.

I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.


  1. The butterflies look beautiful! I love the effect and I hope your daughter is delighted.


  2. This is every little girls dream room Alaina!!! What a sweet mom you are to make her dream come true. I absolutely love the butterfly wall! Speaking of love--your last few posts I have missed here were so much fun to read. I love that your daughter loves her crazy socks, and your snowball bushes and spirea are glorious in bloom. I'm a little later than you I think because mine aren't blooming yet but the week here is supposed to be rather cold here to. I guess that will be the best time for me to be out and getting those weeds out of the beds :)
    sending hugs...

  3. Hi "A"
    This room is crazy coolness, I can see why your daughter wanted to sleep with the lights on, is it on a dimmer switch because if you put it on a dimmer switch she can leave the lights on more often without keeping her awake.
    Love the comfy chair. Now for those butterfly's what a mom you are to glue and arrange so many. My daughter saw this very look on one of her favorite shows now off the air and it was black butterfly's over the bed of Serena's in Blair's home off of Gossip Girl....there was a time when she wanted me to do the butterfly thing over her bed yet being a room with no colour and only white and grey she said paint all the butterflies grey.
    Your daughters room is so sweetly mod, trendy modern country. And best of all I love that you left her bed and chest of drawers chippy white.
    She has a room to love.

    Thank you for sharing and making time to visit my boring grey's and whites :)

    Lots of inspiration to your weekend and up and coming June.

    Cannot wait to see what's next for your home designs.



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