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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Snowball Fight Anyone?

My youngest son can't wait to have a snowball fight with my spring snowballs.
I have to say these bushes are one of my favorites.
I have them planted all around the house.
I have been lucky to have low branches root themselves into smaller bushes.
I let them grow for a few years untouched, then they are dug out and put into a new garden.

These bushes were transplants to newer gardens when we built our addition 4 years ago.

This big bush is outside our kitchen window.

Behind the large snowball bush is the back deck.  
They provide great privacy.

Here are two large snowball bushes on the East side of the house.

This big beautiful mass of white flowers is a bridal spirea bush.
These are probably my favorite bush.
I have these bushes planted all around the house.
They are in need of a trim, I can't do it until after we enjoy the flowers.

There is some of that hot pink I am planting in my pots this year.
I am almost done planting the pots on the back deck.

These are pictures of the front yard gardens.
The arbor will soon be covered in pink and white roses.
Just look at that sky. 
I was able to get these pictures taken just before the rain and lightning came.

This is a good picture to show you how the snow ball bushes and spirea bushes are around the house.

It still amazes me when I look at pictures of the gardens.
There was nothing here but farm land 16 years ago.
We did this.
I planted these gardens and trees.

This picture is from the front yard standing next to the willow tree.
Such a long driveway, sometimes I wonder what we were thinking.

So, can I interest anyone in a spring snowball fight?


  1. Your snowball bushes are beautiful as is the rest of your garden and home. Sometime I pass this shrub and wonder where I can incorporate it.

    I hope your Eden roses do well! I have two new ones that I planted this year also.


  2. Your snowball bushes are fabulous, I have always wanted to plant some. You have plenty of room to let them grow to their full potential and the spirea too. Your house and grounds are very pretty.

  3. We have several of these plants but knew them only as "snow ball" bushes. I'm glad to know the actual name. I'd like to plant more. They're pretty and the deer leave them alone.

  4. There was a snowball bush by the house that I grew up in. We had a coal furnace in those days and it was planted by the old ash pile. It was one of the most beautiful and prolific bloomers I have ever seen. After I married and we built our own home I tried many times, unsuccessfully, to get a transplant started from this bush. Several years ago after my parents passed away and the house was going to be sold, I tried once more and was finally able to get a bush started. It has been growing and producing blooms well for the last couple of years so I'm hoping to get more started from this one. It always reminds me of the house I grew up in and brings back many wonderful memories.


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