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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spring Has Arrived at Arbor House Lane

Spring is here at Arbor House Lane!

The little shed is just waiting to be cleaned out and made pretty for Summer.

We know Spring is officially here when the Thunder Cloud Plum trees are in bloom.
Their sweet smelling pink flowers do not last long, but they sure put on a show.

We are thinking of adding a row of pink Crab-apple trees along the driveway in the front this year.
That way when the Thunder Clouds are done flowering it will be time for the Crab-apples to bloom.

It smells wonderful when you walk outside.
All of the fruit trees in the back yard are in bloom too.

I am off to do some plant shopping.
Hot pink is the theme this year.

Maybe this chair has something to with it.

The chair is finished and it has become a favorite spot for my daughter's reading time.
I will share her room when we get finished hanging everything back on the walls.

How about you, has Spring arrived?
Have you chosen your flowers yet?

Happy Spring!


  1. Everything looks beautiful in pink at your house!!!
    The trees are gloriously loaded. Oh how I love a flowering tree my friend.
    sending hugs...

  2. And a beautiful spring it is! Oh to have a tree of pink! How very special. ~ Sarah


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