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Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer Garden Plans

I am always thinking of what I can do next in my gardens.
Some I am able to follow through, others move to the next year plan or to the not gonna happen list.

Last year we were going to try to build a tree house.
I think I have given up on Mr. M. heading up this project.
So it is up to me and the kids.
We drew out the plans.
Picked the tree.

Lots of shade and surrounding trees for privacy.

It has great branches to work with.
We are thinking of at least two levels, one at the first v in the tree and a second one level at the second v.

I have to run the design by Mr. M. so he can tell me if it can be a reality or a pipe dream.
Then we can get the supplies.
I figure if we give ourselves the rest of May and all of June, that should be enough time to get it done.
Of course that would have to mean no distractions.
Like that is possible.

The next garden spot I am thinking of is in the back field.
I am thinking there is way TOO MUCH grass!

This picture is taken standing by the pool looking into the far back yard.  
Uncharted territory!

Mr. M., oh the poor man.
One day he gave away some of my rocks.
I think I may have told this story before so bare with me if so.

A small portion of MY ROCKS.

Anyway, he gave away some of the rocks I have been saving.
I just about killed the man, gently of course.
"Why on earth would you do that?"  I asked him.
"They were just sitting in the back yard, I didn't think you would mind since you have so many."

This is when I had to tell him, "look, I have future plans for my rocks."
"What plans?"
I had to ask, "are you sure you want to hear this?"
"Is it that bad?" He asked
"To you maybe.  I have many plans for our several acres of land.  Some for each year, some 5 year plans, some 10, and some for even longer."
Then he wanted to know what kinds of plans I had.
Seriously, I had to condense them because I might have given the man a heart attack.
I am a gardener.
If there is grass, we can find a better solution.
I have 6 acres to work with.
I have only just begun!

I will never forget about 12 years ago, one day my mom, Mr. M. and I were standing at the back french doors looking out into the yard.  
She very wisely said "you know there is a reason there are no plants at the back of the house.
 She has a plan."
How right she was, she knew!  She knew I was waiting for the right time.
In that very spot we were looking at, there is now a large deck and several flower gardens.

So now Mr. M. knows some of my plans.
He only rolls his eyes when I tell to walk with me so I can show him where I want to put the next garden.
I know he likes it, at least a little, because it gives him a chance to play with his tractor.

So, that brings us back to the future garden site.
He did ask, so what do you have planned for tomorrow?
Silly man.

This is the start of the next garden.
After I move my rock back into position.

Why is there one rock in the grass?
My boys.
They move them to look for toads.
Love, love, love toads.  
They are the cutest little things.
  Cuter than bunnies because they do not eat my plants.

I have threatened them with weeding if they move my pathway stepping stones any more.

I will start with at a boxwood bush or two.
At least one shrub rose bush and some of my favorite perennials, foxglove, peony, cat mint, to start with.
These rocks sit under some very old cherry and pear trees so there is shade but also plenty of sun.
I need to watch and find out exactly how much sun before I put any sun sensitive plants in.

That is my plan for today.
Tomorrow there is always another plan and if it is nice out, it will involve gardening too.

And you, do you have plans?


  1. I'm the same way! It's hard for me to enjoy what I just finished because I'm always moving on to the next thing. :) We get a lot done though, don't we?

  2. I don't have plans out any further than this year and next. Anything further, hurts my head.

    I love the idea of a treehouse! Have you seen Kim's treehouse at Musings From Kim K? Check it out on her sidebar .

  3. Maybe check with the zoning department to see if there are permits required just in case, wouldn't want to put in all that work and then have to remove it.


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