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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Garden

Maximizing my time.
This week I am back to my normal work week leaving me with two days off.
I was finally able to fix the fire pit and plant the new garden.

This is the path to the fire pit.

It was originally red sand left over from a pool installation.
I hated the sand, it stained everything.
Today we will finish the far right corner and put the chairs back.

As for the kids having a place to play in the sand. 
 I think I have talked Mr. M. into building a sand box, seeing as that tree house has still not been built.

I washed the stones last night.
They look and feel like the pebbles from Olcott Beach.
I am glad I choose to go with the larger stone.

The left side of the garden was just planted last year.
Each year I will add a few plants until it looks like a full lush English garden.
No room for weeds.

This is the start of the new garden.
I have two flowering ornamental pear trees.
A Thuja Green Giant tree.
Two Limelight hydrangea bushes.
Several blue berry bushes.  That the birds have already discovered.
A Catmint plant.
 Some creeping phlox.
Boxwood bushes.
A pink rose bush.

One of my ROCKS.

I left plenty of room to add 6 of my arborvitae bushes that are in planters for the summer.
After two years of being in planters they are a nice size for my gardens.
Next year I will go with boxwood bushes in my planters.

I took these pictures in the morning so I wouldn't have the blaring sun, only problem, fog.
Oh well. 
At least my garden is planted and I can enjoy our 4th of July party/birthday party.

Thanks for stopping by.
I hope everyone has a wonderful July 4th.


  1. You have a gorgeous yard. We use a fire pit all time..well, afire bowl now. It's so peaceful to sit around and watch it burn. You have a perfect spot set up.

  2. beautiful sight to look upon each day. I love the pea gravel look with the flowers and bushes.

  3. Your garden is well on it's way to being full and lush! I think it looks pretty in the fog! I'm working on an English garden, too, slowly adding plants each year as it creeps toward the path down the center. I love your fire pit, too. Bring on the S'mores!


  4. you must have never ending property to keep adding a garden here there and everywhere!
    I love your love of gardening. I planted the most pathetic thing ever. it does not even warrant being called a garden. 2 tomatoes, 2 squash and 2 cucumbers and I threw in flower seeds I saved from our last house. all this in a pile of weeds. yup, I have zero motivation.

  5. Oh, I love that flowers with the stone. What a beautiful picture. The fog made it even more beautiful.


  6. Your gardens are going to be so beautiful in a couple of years Alaina (they already are)!
    I also love the fire pit area. I know your family will love this space in the yard. I absolutely the love pebbles you used!
    hugs from me...


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