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Monday, August 12, 2013

Dinner's Getting Cold

Dinner's getting cold.

This is a picture of a cold dinner.
A fireman is late for dinner.
Mr. M. ran off to a call before he even had a chance to eat.
He is out helping a family in need of assistance.

This is a picture of a family waiting for their dad to get home for dinner.
There are many nights that dinner sits waiting for dad to get back from a fire call.

In fact, this night, dad had just enough time to get home, eat his dinner and then run out to another fire call.

This is not an unusual occurrence in our daily life.
If you are a family member of a volunteer fireman, you know what I mean.

This particular dinner is special, we are eating chowder that Mr. M. helped make this past weekend to sell at the field days.
It was his volunteer fire companies field days weekend.
We all go and help support our firemen.

We love to go to the fire company parades.

We love our Fireman!

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  1. You should be so proud of your hubby and your family! Sweet pics and post! :)


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