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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Past

I am in the forest of Christmas trees right now.

While I am getting the house all ready for Christmas I thought I would share some pictures of Christmas past.

The living room tree.
My favorite.

Each year I buy an ornament for the kids.
They always seem to find a spot, although I think it is pretty full.

This is the last tree to go up, we are waiting for Mr. M. to come home.
Our tradition is to put in the movie National Lampoon's Christmas vacation, get out the eggnog and put the tree together.
I add several strands of lights.
The boxes of ornaments are brought in for the kids to help decorate.
It usually is an all day process, we relax and enjoy the day.
Sometimes my sister stops by to put up a few ornaments and enjoy dinner and a movie with us.

Sometimes I like to look at pictures of Christmas past to see if I liked how it looked or to make changes.
If I recall, the greenery had to be moved from the chandelier, we had a few needles get to close to the bulbs.  

The dinning room tree is up and partially decorated.
I am still trying to work the blue in.

This picture was taken just before our Christmas Eve dinner.
Look at all the cookies on the side table.

The kitchen tree is done.
The poor thing is loosing all of it's needles.
I think this may be the last year, the tree in the picture above looks fuller than it is now.

I really do like the look of white and green.
Probably my favorite combination.

The office tree.
I have it up, but I can't seem to find the ornaments.
Hopefully they are mixed in with the living room ornament box.

This is usually how the house looks by the time I am done decorating all the trees.
 The house always looks so pretty at night with a fresh snow fall.


  1. Yours is the Christmas house I fell in love with when I first discovered blogs a few years ago! All of your trees took my breath away but it was the Christmas tree in the kitchen that charmed me the most.

    And, that picture of the front of your family's house, oh my, that should be on the front cover of a fabulous magazine!


  2. A-mazing!!!!! Alaina, you sure know how to do Christmas beautifully my dear!!! So A-mazing!
    hugs from here...

  3. So gorgeous!!!!! I love your lights outside with the snow. Dreamy!

  4. So pretty! I love your French doors and the architectural piece over them!

  5. WOW - a tree in every window! Your home is so warm and inviting!

  6. Wow! I can't get over that photo of the exterior of your house! It is absolutely STUNNING!

  7. Gorgeous. Love the view from outside! I am so in love with that cabinet!


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