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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ugly Footstool and A Couple of Shower Curtains

I finally have a new sewing machine.
I think it will be able to handle making lots of new slipcovers.
After breaking a second sewing machine in 2 weeks.
I am very happy with my new Janome 525S.

I was able to finish making a little slip for an ugly footstool.

A perfect seat for the kids to put their shoes on and off.

The bird fabric is a shower curtain I found at HomeGoods.
The striped fabric is also a shower curtain I found at Sally.
I love how the two look together.

I decided to go with a pleat instead of a ruffle.
I do not measure so a few may be off.
But, I have to wait for my new ruffler to come in the mail.

I was going to move the aqua dresser to the living room for the summer.
However, I am really liking how the color looks in the mud room.

My daughter's birthday is this week.
We will be busy preparing for her birthday party.
Next week I have already have three slipcovers cut and ready for sewing.

Can you tell I am in the mood for Spring?

It is starting to warm up, the snow is gone and I really think this might be 


  1. This is beautiful Alaina! It will be so handy for the little ones to use and so, so pretty in the mudroom. I love how it looks with that AWESOME dresser :))))))
    I loved you sweet comment at my place and love to see that you have been by!
    much love...

  2. The slip cover is so pretty and it looks amazing by the dresser.

  3. You ar lucky that you like to sew. I hate my bobbin so I never get it out. It gives me issues and I am not patient. I love your turquoise dresser, too!

  4. Love this and it is a beautiful way to welcome Spring!!
    Wish I could sew!

  5. Alaina,
    What a wonderful new slip for a stool know one would have know it to be ugly!
    I think you had added a new meaning to enjoying spring, in as much as sew up beautiful slips.
    I so wish I lived close by so I could get you to sew me up one :)

    Happy birthday to you daughter. Will look forward to a spring party post :)
    happy Spring sewing days to you.


  6. What a fabulous honor! Thank you so much. I loved reading through these quotes and starting my day with a big bouquet of inspiration. You're delightful!
    Girls Bedroom Ideas

  7. real nice, I like the pattern and mud room, Aloha

  8. Oh I wish I had your talent! That is the sweetest little stool. How nice that you have a good new machine. You need one! Yes, I think Lauriannas is on every shopkeepers bucket list. I have wanted to go for so many years. My DIL and I were really overwhelmed. It is an amazing place.

  9. Hey very nice blog. I must say these are excellent Curtains since the style is very unique. Thanks for posting.

  10. It came out beautiful! I love the material.


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