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Thursday, May 15, 2014

It's That Time of Year AGAIN!


Opening day.
I spent the whole day at the park.
The kids had fun.

This will be the only picture of a clean uniform.

At least my daughter is excited.
She is the one with her hands up in celebration.

Mr. M. was supposed to be there.
He is their coach.
He had to work out of town.

My oldest was there is support only as you can see!
I was able to get him to wear his team hat but not the uniform.
He had his first game on Monday.

The little guy still gets a little bored in outfield.
I caught him dancing again.

The two pizza shop sponsors played against each other.
I didn't ask who won, they may ask whose pizza I like better.

My daughter dressed in style.


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  1. Play ball in deed. What a great post. Love all of the photos. You'll have a busy season., Hope there are plenty of home runs. Hugs P.S. I invite you to share this at my Thursday hop ( you can link up through Sat)


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