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Monday, May 5, 2014

Settee For The Master Bedroom

My birthday is coming up in couple of weeks.
So I started looking for a treasure from my husband.
Remember, I am the one who finds the best gifts.
A - I know what style I like.
B - I like to shop and he does not.
C - Why not?

How could I not love it.
And I was able to get the cashier to mark it down.
Did you notice the chair in the next to the settee?
That is another chair I have waiting for time to reupholster.
It too has many of the same details.

Wonderful white fabric just waiting to be made into slipcovers.
So much to do, so little time.

Do you want to see what it will kind of look like?

The details of this chair almost match.
I have to decide, do I like it better with the wood or do I prefer the white.

I will be using the same off white linen fabric.

This weekend I was able to get about 1/4 done on removing the old fabric.
So many tacks to remove.
After spending time with the settee, I think I will go ahead and paint it.

I was also able to weed a couple of gardens in between the rain, and you?
I hope you had a wonderful weekend.


  1. I love those wooden armed chairs/settees. I normally find them at estate sales, but (and it's a big but) they normally have an odor to them or a stain on the seat. Stain on seat and found at an estate sale aren't a good match :) Anyhow, looking forward to seeing you recover your new gift!

  2. Great finds! They are going to look great. I love French chairs! xoxo

  3. Are you sewing your own slips and reupholstering yourself?


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