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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Camping We Will Go

Let's go RVing!

Inspiration colors for the RV.

My latest quest is to find a RV travel trailer that will satisfy;
a.  Three children = bunks 
b.  Separate bed room for Mr. M. and I = quality time
c.  Entertainment area for those rainy days inside = no fights 
d.  Ugly fabrics and walls = pretty new fabrics and paint

Unit Photo

Unit Photo

Mr. M. knows, when she has a bee in her bonnet only she can decide to let it go.
He has been very patient about visiting several RV stores.

In and out
In and out
Up the stairs
Down the stairs

I really tried to make it as easy on my husband as possible.
I know what I am looking for and how much I (we) want to spend.

The main two things I have realized,
 I have to have a kitchen facing the door opening.  
All the salesmen and Mr. M. roll their eyes at me, but it is a feng shui thing, 
I can't have my back to someone walking into the camper.

Believe it or not, I can not have white woodwork.
Don't like the look of it.

Am I the only one who thinks, no matter how much money they put into these RVs they have ugly fabric and wall paper? I have yet to find one I like.

I am concentrating on the lay out, enough sleeping space and what I can change.
Mr. knows I am going to redo all of the fabrics immediately, 
no ifs ands or buts about it!!

However, the painting of wood work and changing of wall coverings can wait.
Actually I may even be able to live with them as long as I can put my touch on everything else.

Simple changes.
I found some inspiring pictures on Google.

RV Reno, My family purchased a 1995 bumper-pull travel trailer.  My husband had trouble seeing past the 90s blue carpet, and blue and pink splattered wall paper and draperies.  I looked at the travel trailer completely differently and immediately knew what I wanted the end result to be., So much more open!, Other Spaces Design

Today we had our Airstream 3/4 bed removed and twin beds installed. This is what it could look like! So fresh and clean!

Take out the table and trade it for a vintage table.
New fabrics for the couches and chairs.
The bedding and curtains are easy to change too.
I am sure I can find plenty in my basement.
Pictures on the wall.
Vintage mirrorw.
Ironstone dishes.
Slipcovered chairs.

Can't you just picture how cute it will look.

Now if only I can write the check as easy.
It is a major investment.

Are we really going to use it enough.
Mmm.....that trip to Washington D.C. in the Spring.
Camping at the Finger Lakes.
Weekend at Darien Lake.
Camping at the beach.
A visit to see my best pal, Sara just think of all the antiques I can bring home!
HELLO, worlds longest garage sale.

Of course the last few are reason enough to scare the heck out of Mr. M.
So, he is being quiet.
 I know why. 
Secretly he is hoping I will give up my quest.
Become frustrated with not finding my exact match for the right price.
And like a butterfly be attracted to something else shinny that crosses my path.

He knows.
Halloween is only two months away.

The hardest part.
I only have one week to find it or I might as well wait until next year.
Oh well, even if I don't find it this year, 
I can still have fund dreaming of how I would decorate it. 

And you, are you a camper?


  1. My sister has a camper and they drive the camper - they love going to National parks - complaint "gasoline" it gets so expensive. My other family have where you attach it to a truck (make sure vehicle you have can handle it). The other family park it and drive to it. Every storage unit in our town (Omaha) has RV galore - it is very popular. When we drive through Indiana that is where they manufacture many of them and TX has lots lots of RV.

  2. We used to have a camper when I was growing up and I loved it! Now, the weird part of having all the cute stuff in campers, like the vintage tables and ironstone etc, is that most things in campers are made a certain way so that they don't fly all over when you're hauling it down the road. So you'll have to be nailing things to the wall and floors to keep it in place. I agree though, they do come with some pretty weird fabric choices for this day and age! Have fun picking one out!

  3. I would love camping in a motorhome, though never thought about decorating one! My sister and her hubby are retired and have been living and traveling in one for 11 years now. They love it.


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