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Friday, December 19, 2014

A Litte Pink in My Office

Christmas in the Office.

This year I decided to change the look of the office tree.
It was white, black and silver.

I went PINK.
It all started with some pretty little pink ornaments I found at TJMax.
They inspired me to try a new look.
I used my all time favorite hat is the tree topper.
I also borrowed a few of my daughter's vintage pink ornaments.

The tree sits in the corner and you can see it out one of the front windows.
It glows.

I found a couple of paper card ornaments months ago.
I was not sure where they would go.
Now I think they fit in perfectly.

I mixed in some silver ornaments with velvet ribbon.
Paper clock faces.
Button and paper garland. 

I just love this vintage ornament.

I think my pink tree turned out so cute this year.
I am glad I tried something new.

It is getting close to Christmas.
I am hoping for a good snow storm for the kids to play in during the holiday break.

And you, are you ready for Christmas?


  1. I really love your gorgeous pink trre. The hat is marvelous.Merry Christmas!


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