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Monday, October 26, 2015

Elegant Ghost In The Yard

Ghostly White

The house looks so spooky at night with only orange lights,

I have wanted to make yard ghosts for a couple of years.
I originally found these ghosts.

Then I found these beauties.
I love how they look like they are dancing.

I found the youtube video by P. Allen Smith.

I made two of them with my sister.
We ran out of time and fabric for the third one.

I love how they turned out.
I did not add the heads, not sure if I will.
They have spot lights on them for now, 
but, on Halloween night we will put spooky lights on them.

Funny story; I was looking for cheap fabric because they would be outside.
I found pretty shantung fabric on sale for $3.00 a yard.
I knew I couldn't find cheaper, so I bought all of it.
They sales clerk asked what I was making with 9 yards of this fabric.
I hesitated because it is nice fabric.
She almost was not going to give me the fabric when she found out.
Yard Ghosts.
I showed her a picture of what I was making.
She seemed a little more satisfied.
She asked if I was going to at least recycle the fabric after Halloween.
Nope, just put them away with the skeletons and coffins.

They were not hard to make, but you want to have someone help you.
I could not have done it alone.

What other Ghost gets a couture dress.
The party is almost upon us.

The house is ready, now it is time to make lots of spooky food.

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  1. Cool! Next year you will need to make turntables to make them dance!!!

  2. I 've never seen such elegant ghosts! Amazing! Thanks for sharing them

  3. Ha! What an elegant ghost you have! I think it's cool.
    This is fun. Thanks for sharing!


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