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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Where I Create!

As stated in my last post, I killed the machine.
I wish I could say that we were able to get all of the information back, but no, not yet at least. 
We have sent the hard drive to an outside company to see if they can retrieve the information.

Oh well, no sense in dwelling on what I should have done and consider it a lesson learned. 

I am LATE to a party!

WHERE BLOGGERS CREATE with Karen from My Desert Cottage.

Let's get this PARTY started!

Seeing as I had all the extra non-computer time, I finished rearranging the room and fluffed a little more than it would have been last week. 

This picture is what I see when I peak into my blog room.

This room is small, only 9x11, but I know how to pack a room with furniture and not make it too crowded.
This room is always full of light from three large windows.

To me it is just perfect!

This is the desk where everything is done.
I have everything within arms reach.

My favorite pin board for inspirations.
Collections of my father's paintings turned into Christmas cards from years past.

Some of my mirror collection and a chicken wire frame to hang important notices.

My favorite fairy Clara, named so because she looks like my grandma.
She dances above my head hanging from the light fixture.

Beautiful Hydrangeas from my gardens and a stray baseball that I simply can't seem to get away from.

Important message on the chalk board.
Stay cool by swimming and BACKUP the computer!

This cabinet stores a variety of china that I can not bare to part with but do not decorate with.
I also use it to store paper for the computer and school supplies for the kids.


I love the look of this topiary, who happens to be in need of a haircut.
Green and white my favorite color combination.

A simple secretary I bought at a garage sale and painted white last year. 
The drawers are packed with some of my craft supplies that I like to keep handy for when I get in the mood to create something.

I make sure to have plenty of buttons on hand.

This is the first slipcover that I made. 
I am glad to say that I have improved, but I love this couch.
It is a great place for the kids to come and chat with me while I am on the computer.

Now I am off to join the family for some early Sat. morning cartoons.

Thank you for stopping and visiting my blog room.
Make sure to close the door when you leave.


  1. What a cute sunny place to work!

  2. You room is just lovely! I'm so sorry you had computer problems. In today's world that can be really devastating!! I really hope you join the party next year. Your room is too cute not to show it off every chance you get!

  3. What a great room to work, relax or just dream in! I love the sunny, airy feel to it! You've really got a special place to create!

    Sorry about the computer problems. I'd be lost without mine!!


  4. So worth the wait.... Your room is Beautiful, I could move right in ~ exactly how I wish mine looked like! Thanks for Sharing... you know, they always say, "Better Late than Never!"

  5. What a cozy spot you've got there!

  6. Love it...the chippy white and the comfy slip covered couch and the wonderful cabinet... too many things to mention. Thanx for sharing, Tiffany

  7. Gorgeous Alaina! I feel creative just visiting!

  8. There are so many things I love about this room!! Love the cozy couch. I noticed baby shoes (which I adore) and the column is amazing! Wonderful space!
    Hope things go better with the outside's still horrible!!!

  9. oh, its beautiful, sweet and peaceful!!!!

  10. Such a beautiful spot to create ♥
    Love your little desk nook ~ chippy white cupboard & slip covered sofa (you did a fabulous job!)

  11. Such a gorgeous space and I love your chippy old cupboard!! How absolutely charming! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  12. It is such a lovely and inviting room. I'll bet it's tempting to spend too much time there.

  13. Your blog room is full of light and truly beautiful...

  14. I adore your studio! I love everything! What a gorgeous place to create! Love those pillows on the sofa and the fabric inspiration board and all the pretty white!!

  15. This is a beautiful room! I love the light and the comfy, warm feeling. Wish you lived closer to help me with 2 very small rooms and furniture. Quite a challenge!


  16. How did I miss this? How? Good Lord! FABULOUS.
    Dreamy. Sign me up. i may come borrow your computer. xo Jeanne.

  17. Ohhh, how wonderful to have such a beautiful place to play. My cottage is so tiny that hubby and I share a space. Needless to say, it DOES NOT have the feminine touches yours does. :(

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage


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