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Monday, October 10, 2011

Arbor House Lane Home Feature

I just wanted to say thank you to Melinda from Alabaster Rose Home and Designs and

*~Feature Button~*

Melinda is the first blogger to Feature me from Arbor House Lane.
I am just so honored to be considered a Vintage Inspired Home.

If you want to see more, make sure to visit The Vintage Inspired Home.

As for me.

I am up to my eye balls in Halloween.

Here is a sneak peek at what the kids and I have been up to this weekend.

Witches always need a place to hang their broom!

These are simple paper bats I cut out of paper and put on the wall.
I borrowed the idea from here, after finding the picture on PINTEREST.
If you want to see more of what I pin on PINTEREST.

Crows just say Halloween to me.

The biggest change will be in the dinning room.
I packed up all of my rose china from the pine hutch and put it into storage.

That's right no roses in the dinning room. 
I will share more photos of the dinning room later in the week.

I am sharing my simple Halloween decorations for Tuesday's Treasures with Kristin from My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia.

How about you?
I hope you are enjoying Fall.


  1. Very creative Halloween decor. I like the broom mantel.

  2. Hi Alaina,
    I love the brooms hanging on the wall!! You should give tours of your house at Halloween and Christmas time, I would definitely pay to see it!
    Thank you for mentioning my blogs, I really do appreciate it, and it was a pleasure to feature your gorgeous home.
    Have a lovely week.

  3. What a beautiful home!! I am sure I will get alot of inspiration following your blog.
    Happy fall,

  4. You have to know how much I love this Alaina! I adore your line of darn cute! What a talented mamma you are!
    I loved your last post of the trip with the children to the patch. They are so darling!

    hugs from here....

  5. Alaina,

    Congrats to being featured as a a Vintage Inspired Home! Your home is lovely and an inspiration to everyone who reads your blog. I could get lost in pictorials of Arbor House Lane and your exquisite gardens. Your Halloween decorations look great! Thank you for including the link for the bats.

    Your Friend,

  6. Alaina, the brooms are too cute! Always love your decor, you know how to "do" Halloween! xoxo

  7. Hi Alaina,

    I loved your feature on Melinda's blog!!! Can I just say that your home is nothing short of AMAZING!!! :) Thank you for being an inspiration.


  8. Thanks for the paper bat idea! We started decorating yesterday and found some great stuff at dollar tree which helped cut down on the cost.

  9. Oh my gosh..I love the witches brooms. That is just darling. Everything is just so fun. Thank you for sharing such great ideas. Bobbie

  10. Super fun, Alaina, as always woman! And you deserve to have your home featured because it is FABULOUS.


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