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Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like.........

Yes, I think you know how it goes.

It even SNOWED yesterday!

Now that I am working three days a week, I know I do not have time to do it all.
However, that does not keep me from trying, so I have learned to start a little early.
With the help of my littles and Mr. M. we pulled all of the Christmas containers out of the attic.


I have three littles trees decorated.
With the promise that they will not turn them on until Thanksgiving.

We are all kind of getting in the mood.
I have been trolling through Pinterest looking for ideas.

Stylish Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments

These are beautiful ornaments I would like to make.

pretty white Christmas stockings

white stockings

I am making some new stockings for the new mantel in the kitchen.
I see lots of ruffles, bows and buttons.

Decorating ideas for the front and side door.
Now that we have garage doors, I have to make the side entrance more presentable.

Christmas Decorating - #Sled #Greenery

I have the perfect vintage sled in the basement that will be perfect for this look.

festive Christmas greenery

I love the look of the green and white.
These are just supposed to be wreaths, but I think they would make such cute Christmas picture frames :)

These boxwood wreaths are beautiful and I just love the square shape.
I have one I made several years ago using an old frame, very easy to do.
I always let my boxwoods get overgrown for this very reason.

mitten decorations for christmas

A perfect project using the sleeves of the sweaters I made pillows out of.

winter greenery pot

Every year I cut down fresh greenery from my mother-in-laws evergreen trees.
They will stay fresh all winter long and this will look perfect on the front porch.

How about you?
Have you been looking on the Internet and magazines for some decorating ideas?

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.
As for me, I am headed off to Menne's, an amazing nursery for decorating ideas and to pick up a few Amaryllis and Paper Whites.


  1. Beautiful inspirations! I've been in Christmas mode for a month working on things for our next Holiday market. Will love to see what you make this year.
    ~ Julie

  2. Hey Alaina! I love how you think my friend. I am doing the same here. Looking for ideas for this years holiday decor. I love the images that are inspiring you these days. I already know your decor will blow my socks off.
    Thank you for your message on my cast-offs. I know how much you love the same looks in your beautiful home.
    have a wonderful weekend Alaina.

  3. I'm still unpacking belongings and trying to find places for things. I wish I had a sled in the basement! Oh, I don't have a basement.

  4. Alaina,
    Beautiful pictures! I've been perusing Christmas in Blogland all afternoon. Wonderful.

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  6. Keep the ideas, pictures and inspiration coming!!!


  7. I've been looking at ideas for new stocking lately. I really would love to have matching ones this year.

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your photos make me anxious for Christmas decorating.

  9. As per the usual, my answer is no.

    Since the kids have left, I realize there is a spark inside me to jazz it up for when they come home..maybe I should start looking to rev up my engine.

    Your pics of the greenery on the house are beautiful. Your house will be adorable if you follow those leads...

  10. Woman, I haven't even been THINKING of it yet...and that is why YOU are the brilliant decorator, and I am the CLOWN :)

  11. What great inspirational photos! Enjoy your Christmas decorating, Alaina.


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