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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lovely White Wednesday

I was doing the HAPPY dance last Friday because: A. TGIF and B. I figured out how to do a MOSAIC, and figuring out that has been driving me crazy ever since I saw them on several blogs......Now I know how..... And I share my secrets if anyone wants to know how.  The first mosaic I made was for PINK SATURDAY the second was for MOSAIC MONDAY.

 This MOSAIC is my third and it is my favorite.  Berries, I am going to use it for WHITE WEDNESDAY instead of MOSAIC MONDAY, as originally planned. 

              Please join me for White Wednesday and make sure you visit all of the other great WHITES here.
Those who have gotten to know me and my blog, know I love WHITE, WHITE and of course more WHITE!

I was playing with the computer and camera, so I went around the house and took a bunch of photos in my home of the treasures I love.

The chair was lonely and want to join in with the other WHITES.
For anyone who has ever dreamed of decorating with WHITE, but have been afraid of it getting ruined by children. 
 Stop that thinking!
I have 3 young children under the age of 8.  Yes treasures do get broken, unbelievably more by the adults, they are bigger and knock things off walls easier than children. 

Yes children do get their dirty, sticky fingers all over everything.  However, I have found dirt shows up just as much on a green wall as it does white.  Oh and those white slipcovers you have been coveting from afar.   Stop, go now and get them.  I have more marks on the couch underneath the slipcovers.   You can wash the slipcovers, have a extra ones for parties, different colors for different seasons. 

The only WARNING I will give is... DO NOT.....use white carpet, bad bad bad. 
 Use darker carpeting, tile or wood if you can.
I hope you enjoyed my WHITE and have a great day.


  1. Those paper roses....LOVE 'EM! You've got some gorgeous whites here!

    So glad you are joining in on all the blog fun! Looking forward to sharing more with you!

    Happy White Wednesday!


  2. Beautiful and yes, I agree NO white carpet!
    Blessings, andrea

  3. I am REALLY loving that chair in the last photo!

  4. Your cheating, it is not wednesday yet...not in my time zone.

    iwanna make a mosaic too. tell me tell me tell me. I like your pictures, cheater. LOL

  5. You were not joking there is really a talent tuesday.....i thought you were pulling my leg.....ah my head hurts with all this ...

  6. Love your whites too.


  7. Ok Berries, to make a mosaic, first I took about 10 pictures that related to each other in color or theme. Then I had to search the web to figure out the rest. I went to is free. I uploaded my pictures from the computer into my organize & create account. Then I found a site that will create the mosaic with my pictures from flickr called free account. Now it is up to you if you want to share any of your pictures with the public, both .coms give this choice. In bighugelabs I chose mosaic maker. The mosaic I chose was 4x4 with large center. Then I did the choose photo, picked flickr, and it automatically pulled all the pictures from my flickr account. I made the mosaic. It does give you the html so you can just put the picture on your blog or if you have the option you can save it on your computer, that is what I did. Then I just put it on my blog. I hope this helps. I will write this again on my blog this weekend because I like to help others when no one helped me.
    As for the cheating, I like to have the preset blog show up at midnight but I had to link to the other White Wednesday site and to do that I think I have to have it published, I am still learning. I hope this helps.

  8. Three under 8??? And you have a beautiful home and garden? You're a polygamist aren't you??? Multiple wives is the only way I'm figuring you could get all of that done. Also thumbs up on the white advice, from the slipcovers to the carpet you are white...I mean, right.

  9. I will give away my secret. Mr. M. he cooks, cleans, does dishes and laundry. There I have said it, I have the most wonderful husband who helps me every step of the way, do not tell him this, but I had to do a little training at the beginning of our marriage. Heck I told him while we were dating, if we were in it for the long haul that he is going to help me, not just sit and watch tv like his father. So far so good. Before you start feeling sorry for him for helping me, you must know that I mow lawn, dig ditches, have learned how to side our house, have been up on 40 ft ladders to put up facia. I plant trees, drive tractors, put up fences and build things right along with him. We built our house together, I put in every bit of the electrical in this house. So in a nutshell we both work very hard together and that is how it gets done, or not done so we can also enjoy sitting on the deck we built, play in the yard we created and swim in the pool. Tips on how to train your husband; blog post eventualy. Hahahahaha good thing he just rolls his eyes and does not read this. I would probably get a spanking.

  10. Berries, I have found some other funny themes: Make it on Monday, Metamorphis Monday, Nifty Thrifty Tuesday, Table Top Tuesday, Toot your Horn Tuesday, Tutorial Tuesday, Whatcha Working on Wednesday, Transformation Thursday, Frugaliciouse Friday, Finished Friday, Funky Junk Saturday. And that is only the tip of the ice burg. I found a site that has even more listed, but I forgot the site. Have a fun Willy Nilly Wednesday.

  11. Oh I am so glad to have found you! What beautiful whites {my favorite style of decorating ;)}...that chair is amazing!!!

    And...I just have to say thanks for sharing the encouragement about decorating with whites. You wouldn't believe how many comments I have gotten about how I "must not have children to decorate that way"...and yes, currently I don't but I do have a dirty little dog...and bigger, sometimes messier husband! And he is usually the one to break things! So that gives me lots of hope for when we do have kids...but you are so right about the carpet thing...we had light beige at our old townhouse and we certainly ruined it!

    Okay...sorry for the book...just really enjoyed your post ;)

  12. I too LOVE white....and your blog! That chair is to die for too.!
    Have a Willy Nilly Wednesday.......
    Health and happiness,

  13. Great mosaic! And Thank You for your visit today. I like the corner white cabinet. Have a great day...Julian

  14. Thank you for stopping by ~ your post is fabulous today!! I am going to learn how to do a mosaic too!

  15. Thanks for explaing the mosaic on Flickr...You r mosaic is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s.


  16. Your mosiac turned out great. What beautiful whites. I still don't know how to do them and I'm actually very computer illiterate. Maybe some day. Thanks for sharing.

    Take care,


  17. Your my kinda gal...I dig ditches and do yardwork and take down trees etc. but my husband on the other hand was under the illusion I liked clearing the front trees all alone...boy did I bust that boys bubble.

    I have to go home and be on my regular computer where I can play...I will take you up on all this stuff.....I am feeling really overwhelmed when I get home on the weekends.....

  18. Just gorgeous! I think this is my favorite White Wednesday post of the day!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  19. I love the buttons!!
    I see you have a pine cupboard that looks to be white washed? I have one as well and want to paint it white but am nervous about doing it. I posted the picture of it a couple of posts ago.
    I also am looking for white slip covers.
    This was a great white Wednesday!!

  20. please don't tell my husband that you drive a tractor or he'll be the one with multiple wives.

    I just shared your amazing mosaic skills with a facebook friend.

  21. Blossom, I would sugest that you learn to drive tractor, but dang, you homeschool, so I know you have enough on your plate. How did the volunteering go. I went shopping and I am working on sneak preview of the shed inspiration. Going out to enjoy the sun. TTYL

  22. I do love all your awesome whites. A post full of goodness. Great advice for the fearers of white!

  23. That fabulous white chair makes my Swedish furniture gene vibrate, very dangerous as that usually sends me shopping. Can I blame U? Come take our house tour if you have time. -- Jane F.

  24. Share away Blossom, I do not mind. Don't worry I won't tell Mama Cow anything. I am working on a post to help anyone who wants to make a mosaic.

  25. Darn brain fog, I can't even process your instructions for a mosaic, let alone put it into practice. Have to get my 16 year old onto this one.
    Yours looks fab by the way.(why would I write "fab" - I would NEVER say it out loud, I'm such a fake,lol)

  26. Im with chair up on this one, calling all kids, mom needs help.

  27. I have just finished my post on how to make a mosaic. It will publish at 12:00 my time, and it is 10:15 right now. I hope it helps, I will probably be in bed by then and will check messages in the morning. Night all.

  28. Beautiful mosaic of all your wonderful whites! Thank you for the tips on creating a mosaic. I'll give it a try!


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