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Friday, April 16, 2010

The Littlest Room

Join me for Show and Tell Friday at My Romantic Home .
Come and see The Littlest Room. 
Whenever anyone sees our house for the first time, one of the first questions they ask is
 "What is that little room on the top of the house, and is it really a room?"
 To answer, it is sometimes called a Widows Watch or Cupola and yes it is a real room.

Even though the room is only 9x10 and has a staircase on one side, you would be surprised how much I have stashed up there.

Each of the four walls has two small windows that look out over the property and can see to almost the end of town.

These are some of my mother's hats.  She was a hat person and she wore them well.
In church she was known as the hat lady. 
 I have displayed a collection of my favorite in cream and black on each of the four walls. 
 This is a room my children love to play in. 
If you can believe it, in this room, I have a black dresser, a small black table and
a white trunk filled with dress up clothes.

                    My kids have found that the most fun is to slide down the stairs on their bellies.
 You can hear their laughter all the way downstairs.

In the room is an adorable vintage iron child's crib that is all dressed in white. 
My kids cuddle up and read books, it is so quiet and they think no one can find them up here.

Now let me show you a secret. 
 This may look like an ordinary bookcase that needs some paint.
Here come see, let me show you the surprise.

Get ready.  Now open.
Isn't it neat, my husband custom made the bookcase to roll in and hide the opening to our attic storage. That is where I put all our Christmas decorations.
 Now my favorite, the floor.

I love all checkerboard, diamond and stripes.

Thanks for stopping by to see The Littlest Room.


  1. How wonderful! What a perfect place for the kids to enjoy their day. I love the daybed and trunk for their dress-up clothes. The floor is fabulous!!!! Beautiful job.

  2. YOU ARE AMAZING! I want to hear about your wall treatment.

    This settles it...Tell hubby I'm moving in...Juio Roberts laugh and all.

    I'll take that little room up the stairs.

  3. I'm sorry.... I meant Julio Roberts...of course.

  4. Hey! I have a baby bed just like that! It is in the workshop..I had plans to to the same. Did you do the floor because that is over the must have had so much patience! I wanna see more of the dresser. and I am so glad you took me to see the upper room. I also like all the rocks piled up along your picket fence.

  5. OOh I love it! What a cool space and I adore those floors. I would be hiding up there all the time with magazines and a glass of wine.

    Happy Friday to you.

  6. Looks like a wonderful spot in your home.I love it.

  7. Ok, ladies, thanks for all the compiments.
    I did paint the floors and walls myself, and get this, everything I paint in my home is hand painted, no rollers and no tape.
    Mr. M. is very good at using a straight edge to draw all my lines, then off he goes and I am on my own and in heaven.


    The walls are primed, then painted in (fine white satin, it is an old Martha stewart color) then I painted on and quickly wiped off Ralph Lauren tea stain glaze. I did not delute with water, so I had to work fast. I have used this glaze on other walls in the house in different ways and with different base coats underneith.

    The floor, like I said earlier is drawn out by Mr. M. and then I hand paint each and every square. They are not perfect but that is how I wanted them. I have lots of diamonds, squares, stripes and lattice painted in my home.

    Blossom, Berries you can come visit me anytime!

  8. Ya know you can still get the Martha Stewart colors at Sherwin Williams if you know the name! Thanks!

  9. Thanks for writing on my post because I was really wondering how much weight that little crib could hold. mine has a wire mesh base does yours? with the wrought iron around the edges. I had had it for like 5 years carting it around with me and each time my hubby says "do you wanna get rid of this?" I say a loud NO. mine is all rusty i should go get it powder coated it would be really nice on my deck.....

  10. Thanks Blossom, I have had the colors made at both Lowes and Home Depot and they are not exact matches because of manufacturers, but not close enough because I have repainted the trim on 1/2 a room and found out, dang I have to do the rest. Now I have to redo all of the trim in the house. I am starting with doors, I have some budding artists in the house that have prettied up their doors.
    Berries, I do have the springs on the crib on the deck. If you do want to make it more sturdy, cut a couple of pieces of wood that will cover the bottom and put mattress over top. I use the kids old crib mattesses, they fit purfect. As for painting, if rusting bad, I would, a car detail place can do it, I have had a regular iron bed done before. Hope this helps.

  11. Ok I want to come play and stay in the little room and see your whole house! Very fun.
    Lovely blog, I will be back!

  12. I love your house! Your littlest room is just perfect! I'm sure the kids have a ball up there!

  13. Your littlest room is so cute and I love your house too!

  14. What a cool room! I love the floor.
    Bet you have the most spectcular views from up there.

  15. I wish I was a kid again and could grow up in your home, it looks like a fun house.
    I'm about to do a post so will give you a mention:o)

  16. Wow! I want one! Talk about a childhood fantasy! I hope you'll check out my new blog!

  17. This is wonderful! I want to go up there, too!!!

    The hats are lovely!

    You are very talented. And your husband, too!

    Thank you for coming on over! I love your comments!

  18. What great memories for your children!!



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