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Monday, April 26, 2010

My 6th Picture

Pamela from French Buttons has invited me and 6 other bloggers to join in a game called 6th picture.  I am new to blogging, having only started in March, but I have been catching on quick.

 My 6th picture is of one of many bird houses in my flower gardens.  This particular one is actually three birdhouses nailed together onto one platform.  It overlooks one of our brick patios and always has at least one or two bird families renting.  We love to watch when the birds are feeding their babies.
Now the object of the game is to pick 7 other bloggers to pick their 6th picture and tell about it.
1- Crystal from Crystal's Cottage
4-Debra from Common Ground
5-Angela from Angela Walker Jewelry
6-Ange-from Chair-Up

Now lets see if the ladies are up for the challenge, post about your 6th picture and pick 7 new bloggers to pass the challenge on to.  Understanding that it is Spring time and everyone is getting busy gardening, it is alright if you ask to be excused from playing along.


  1. Ahh, ya jerk! How did Berries get out of this one, huh? I looked at my 6th pic the other day, I saw this game on Cathy's blog and had a sinking feeling...Is my picture of a pretty little bird house scene that people actually would want to see and read and daydream about??? NO. It's my husbands hands, his dirty, dirty hands...nice.

  2. Alaina,
    Love that you made the slipcover but what I really love is your attitude about doing it...isn't it great to try new things?! It turned out so cute, too:}
    Looking forward to seeing your have some great things to work with.
    Have a great day...

  3. Oh Blossom dear, if you go to French Buttons you will find out she has already been tagged. I am not sure if she knows yet, I only found out because I went to French Buttons to add a comment and there I was. That is why I sent all of my choosen ones a comment so they knew. I will let Berries know to go see French Buttons. Have great day, I shot ya a comment. Love your manic monday, see it is already started, don't worry so much, enjoy the fun. And even if you only get one thing done, then hey you are better off than the day before.

  4. Alaina you had a great picture! Lucky you!!

  5. Hi Alaina, wow, I'd love to play this game, it's of my sunroom. Fun! it may take me a little time to do this, but I will. Thanks for thinking of me. I love your slipcovered chair! Really gorgeous! You're inspiring me to try a little slip for my two Living room red chairs for summer!

  6. I would love to join! I just don't have the time today. My mom's been over all evening. I'm really sorry, maybe next time????

  7. Thanks anyway, and maybe next time for me too! Love your slipcover, you did a fantastic job!


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