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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Other Men In My Life

You thought I was talking about family, well, I am sort of, they are part of the family.
Doesn't he just ooze I Am King.
This is Einstein, or Steiner as we lovingly call him.  He was born on my birthday, which makes him very special.  He is the most lovable cat you could ever meet.  Even for an old man of 13 years he is still playful.  His favorite is to lounge on top of a chair all sprawled out soaking up the sun.
Here is Mittens my daughter's cat.  He is a nice cat, although man is he loud. He is a Manx mix and they are known for liking water, being loud and wanting to be near his owner.  He thinks he is my cat and ALL day long he is looking for me or drinking, you know it, out of the toilet. Yuck.  He also like to antagonize Steiner and he can get away with it, but only for so long then bam, Steiner knocks him right in the whiskers.

This is Cooper.  He is just a puppy, although he does not look like it at all.  He is going to be a big dog.  Cooper is a Golden Retriever, and though he is supposed to be my son's dog, guess who he is following around all day wanting to play.  Yep, me!  Oh well, I did teach him some manners.  He can sit, come, stay (sometimes), fetch and dance.  The last one was for fun.  So unless you want this big hound on top of you

He is a cute dog though, see that goofy look on his face,
yep that is the real Cooper.
Now if only we could teach him to leave the shoes ALONE!  Lost another pair today, dang dog.



    OK, I'm going back to read the rest of the post now...that just couldn't wait.

  2. When asked to tea at Alaina's DO NOT ask Cooper to dance...check.

    We got my son's lab when Bean was four and those two are inseparable.
    Best purchase ever.

  3. I am watching Grey Gardens right now on the computer while checking mail and scrolling through blogs.

  4. Hi awal.ny
    Love your pets! I'm a big animal fan they are part of the family aren't they? My black cat sounds like your daughters. He is so loud and vocal he loves to disrupt the whole family! Such fun!

    Looking forward to seeing that picture of your mom!

  5. romy drinks all day long.....i was thinking she is diabetic.....she is loud and full of attitude, too. weird.

  6. i wanna see that picture of your mother....

  7. Ok, did I miss something or post something odd, why are you asking to see a picture of my mother?

  8. Oh how I love your furry babies, they are all three just too cute!
    I have two kitty babies and boy do they have "catitude."

    One thing about him eating your shoes is that you have agood excuse to buy a new pair or two, or three or four pairs! LOL!!


  9. Awe, I love pet posts! Yours are darling. I actually considered the color of our mud/dirt when picking out our flooring because of the dogs. You won't see that tip on tv!

    I'm flattered you would read through my older posts. Hope it was entertaining! I like to do that too when I have time. That water tower got hauled back to the back. Yup, it's still here!

  10. Oh, how I love your furry kids. I have a zoo of them, myself.
    You have a great blog. I have joined to follow and look forward to getting to know you.
    Blessings, andrea


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