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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Way It Should Be

If you are lucky enough, you find the person you want to spend building your life with.  I don't go around SHOUTING ON ROOFTOPS, but I love my husband very much.  This weekend we were working together (we tend to do projects a lot) and when I came in the house this is what I saw.  To me it represents our marriage, we tend to show and tell each other in subtle ways that we love each other.

  I grabbed the camera before he could move them.

The rule is we are not supposed to wear shoes in the house.  When I came in the house to do some laundry, I took mine sneakers off in the kitchen instead of the mud room.  When I came up from the basement there were my husband sneakers right next mine.  It is a simple gesture and absent mined but it made me feel good.  It is the simplest ways that you show a person how much you love them, even without words.  

I hope everyone is lucky enough to find someone who shows them the simple ways to say I love you!


  1. What a sweet sentiment. You know the old saying that the more we are together, the more alike we are.
    I think that's true. Sometimes my husband can finish a sentence for me or we will both be thinking the same thing. I guess 36 years of marriage will do that.

    I'm glad that you have found the love of your life.


  2. ahhhh so sweet! Did you know Canadians traditionaly do not wear shoes in the house. That is so weird for me to go into an Americans house (which i have had many occasions to do so) or watch people on TV who do not remove shoes. I am glad you do, it keeps the floors tidier.

  3. Let's put it this way, I try to get everyone to take their shoes off, does not always work. I like the way you Canadians think and make coffee.

  4. That is so touching. And that you noticed the simple gesture! Love those simple things in life so much!

  5. How beautiful! I love, love, love, the picture... I always say, there is beauty in the mundane and this is a great example of it.
    I would print this picture out and frame it.
    Health and happiness,

  6. Lovely. Thank you for shouting it on the blog tops today.

    What I'm tired of hearing is all of the women who COMPLAIN CONSTANTLY about their hubbies. They married them!

  7. ahh ahahahaa a cotton balls that is funny...they DID marry them did they not,

  8. Alaina,
    I like you. I miss you.....I am not on here much during the week. Thanks for thinking of me...and that Timmy coffee is so good. Aparently on the east coast of Canada (Ontario) they are EVERYWHERE.

  9. I miss you to during the week and I know you are trying to get so much done on the weekend. Summer is coming, that is why I try to get most of the garden work done. As soon as it is nice, I have my magazines and I am laying by the pool, someone has to teach the kids how to swim.

    I live only 30 minutes from the border and we have Tim Hortons on every corner in every town. I only get the English Toffee mmmmm.


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